“Cicada” Directed by Natalya Serebrennikova

Childhood memories are expressed in poetic images as a woman remembers life after moving to Brooklyn.

Cicada from Reel 13 on Vimeo.

“World’s Fair” A film by Kalim Armstrong

In his quest for freedom, George Anton has become a prisoner on his boat. World’s Fair is a portrait of a man living in a fading New York City – a city of possibility, freedom, and beauty.

World’s Fair from Vacationland Productions on Vimeo.

“What’s in Alaska” James Arrabito Director

What’s in Alaska – Narrative Teaser from Andre Morton Pictures on Vimeo.

“The End of Evolution” Director: Unknown

The End of Evolution from Adam B on Vimeo.

“Bus Stop Sonata” by Eric Levy – AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD

Bus Stop Sonata from Eric Levy on Vimeo.

“Jackpot” – Hunter College Experimental Found Footage video by Jay Tekus.

“The Angel Levine” by Daniel Cowen

“Escalovers” by Chun Kai Yang – AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD

“New to York” by Samantha Stark

“Leaving Ground Zero” by Andres Otero

“Dance of Life” by Iin “Sawunggue” Purwanti – AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD