Outline of a Constructivst Approach to Business Ethics

Offered by: Michael Buckley, Assistant Professor, Lehman College

Subject Area: Philosophy

Note: This positions is closed.

Duration: January 2012

Description:  The research assistant will be asked to search databases for articles pertaining to methodological approaches to business ethics, as well as empirically based studies supporting particular claims advanced by the project.  The faculty member will guide the student toward particular items and provide specific instructions for tasks including, but not limited to the following: directing the student toward the appropriate databases; providing criteria for what is to be researched; instructing the student on how to efficiently search databases; and providing examples of what is needed.

The research assistant’s time will be spent searching for and reading abstracts of papers to see if they are relevant to the project given the criteria established by the faculty member.  The theme of the project is assessing whether methodologies familiar to normative political theory are appropriate to business ethics.

The project was first developed as a conference paper and was presented at the 18th Annual Conference Advancing Business Ethics in New York City this past October.  The aim now is to turn the conference paper into a publishable paper, and to submit it to a special issue of the Journal of Business Ethics focusing exclusively on those papers presented at the October conference.

Specific skills, background, majors preferred: Students interested in philosophy, political science or business management might be interested in applying for the position.

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Note: This positions is closed.