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Honors Travel Course offering 3 credits, January 1-25, 2015

Macaulay Honors College, in partnership with CIEE, is planning a two-part travel program on this topic. The first trip, offering 3 academic credits, is in the Dominican Republic. While not a requirement, the second trip will take place in Botswana for 6 weeks in June-July, 2015.

Cost for the Dominican Republic January course: $2237, not including airfare (est $800).
Participation in Macaulay travel programs will be underwritten through the Opportunities Fund. Because the program is pre-approved by Macaulay, only this short application form is required. All Opportunities Fund eligibility requirements must be met.

Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

Santiago de los Caballeros, the second largest city in the Dominican Republic, is surrounded by
mountains in the lush valley of the Cibao region. Places of historical, cultural, and ecological
interest are nearby, and it is just a little over an hour drive to the Atlantic Coast. Known as La Ciudad Corazón (City of the Heart), Santiago is the commercial and cultural center of the fertile Cibao Valley region, housing over 100 industrial free trade zone factories, the León Jimenez Cultural Center and cigar factory, and the commercial street of Calle del Sol. Although it is a growing city with a population exceeding 800,000, Santiago retains many features of a small town.

Program overview

This course offers an introduction to public health practice and its particular manifestations in the Dominican Republic, and more generally, the Caribbean and Latin America. The course
gives an introduction to basic public health concerns—communicable disease, health-care
provision and access, and the social determinants of health—in the context of
underdevelopment. This course will highlight those elements of prevention efforts that focus on
ensuring safe drinking water, food safety, and basic environmental sanitation. Topics covered in
class will give students a broad appreciation of the different health challenges facing the
Dominican population as well as the root causes (social and biological) of those challenges.
This course has a special focus on water issues within the Dominican Republic specifically and
the Caribbean and Latin America more generally.

Instructor: David Simmons, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Department of Health Promotion Education and Behavior, University of South Carolina.

Note: Students may be required to submit a separate study abroad application through their home campus Study Abroad Office. Students must complete a permit or course equivalency form with their home campus to receive academic credit.

Deadline to Apply: October 27, 2014