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Minutes for February 10, 2013 meeting
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Minutes for February 10, 2013 meeting

Welcome from Drew

Macaulay Triplets going to International Collegiate A Cappella Competition

Regionals in Rochester, NY

Macaulay Marauders Quidditch Going to World Cup

Video Tournament Fundraiser Happened

Pasta dinner fundraiser February 16

Selling T-shirts for $10



Macaulay Theater group—VDAY event

Stop Violence Against Women day performance February 14, 2013 6:30

also a fundraiser suggested donation of $5

Macaulay Blood Drive—February 19, 2013 12-4:30PM in

contact to schedule an appointment

need a commitment of 40 donors

may be open to the public?

Supporting Excellence Conference February 22, 2013

2nd annual

need help advertising, recruiting attendees outside of Macaulay and/or Hunter


Deadline for submissions February 22, 2013

Common Ground—March 21, 2013

4th annual event

need help recruiting performers

need someone to help out this year who will keep the tradition going once Sarah and Amrita graduate

Arts Night—April 27, 2013

5th annual Arts Night

Michael, Jenna and Olaf

1st meeting on Friday

Collaborating with CUFF and New Media Lab

Need help getting student submissions—friend Septopus and watch for the link

Macaulay Spring Formal—Saturday May 4, 2013 7PM-11PM

City College’s FDR

Macaulay Musicians Collective Spring Concert—May 11, 2013

Macaulay Olympics & Spring Picnic—June 6, 2013 (day after Macaulay’s graduation ceremony)


REMINDER: If planning an event, must submit room requests well in advance and speak with facilities manager

Reimbursement form on MSC website


Movie Club

bi-weekly meetings starting February 19, 2013 (Winter’s Bone)

Model UN Club

April 4-7 Model UN Conference at NYU

May also be going to Competition at Columbia

New Media Lab at Macaulay

Macaulay Theater Group

VDAY event

Moving from just rehearsals to performances

Improv club on Sunday afternoons

Rehearsals on Thursday nights

Looking to have improv night

Macaulay Dancers

May be performing at VDAY event

Olaf Michael and Chen working on New Media Lab

Business Club

Tour of Price Waterhouse…?

Planning event with pre-health

Macaulay Messenger

Issue coming up at end of February

Journalism workshops

Helping group from the Netherlands start an online newspaper

Training section editors to take over when Kanika graduates

Latino Leadership Initiative with Harvard Kennedy School

Last year’s cohort from Macaulay working on mentoring project at John Jay

Info in tomorrow’s Macaulay Monday

March 1, 2013 deadline

1 week in June (June 8-14)

not major specific

Book Club

The New Jim Crow Feb 22, 2013

Gastronomy Club

February 22- Sushi event (make and eat sushi)

Bake-off sometime in March

Make a cake and then sell them to raise money for charity

The General Assembly

Conference, event in November/December

Kwame wrote an article in December

Meeting & create links within CUNY community

Want to draw up a plan for sustainable education for all

Global Medical

Community service intensive trip in August to Panama


First meeting in March

Mentoring elementary school students

Macaulay Vlog

Featuring Macaulay talent/events

Looking for team who will film and promote events

Talent is very broad

Film your meetings, performances, rehearsals, etc. and send them to David Kane

He wants to make it a TV channel

Macaulay Green


Rescheduling first meeting

Organize seminars

Committees established late last semester, working on getting up and running

Next meeting:

Sunday, March 3, 2013 1PM

Chair: Albert Tong

Meeting Minutes: Kevin Tang

December 2, 2012
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Macaulay Scholars Council Meeting #3
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Rationale for revising the Macaulay Scholars Council Charter
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Rationale for revising the Macaulay Scholars Council Charter:

Since the Macaulay Scholars Council Charter was originally written, Macaulay Honors College has undergone significant changes. Macaulay is now an accredited degree-granting institution, complete with it’s own College Council. In addition, the number of large, annual student events and the number of student clubs and publications has grown dramatically. The revised charter considers these major changes into account to ensure the MSC remains relevant and functional. These changes should highlight the important role the MSC plays in the MHC student experience.

Additionally, the MSC is annually crippled by a deficiency of representatives due to a general lack of interest in the MSC. Some possible reasons have no immediate solution. For example, MSC Representatives are not financially compensated as student government representatives on other CUNY campuses are, however, MHC currently does not have the budget to offer MSC representatives financial compensation. Furthermore, at some campuses, and often among the upper classes, there is a feeling that the MSC has nothing to offer students, that the MSC is not only inactive but also purposeless, and that representatives use their position as an empty resume point. These issues can and should be addressed by ensuring that the MSC is functioning at the highest possible level, that representatives have clear responsibilities and are accountable to their constituents, and that the activities of the MSC are transparent to the entire student body and MHC community. The revised charter seeks to do this.

November 11, 2012
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December 11, 2011 Meeting Minutes
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