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Kaitlyn is a Macaulay Honors student at Hunter College, where she studies History and Public Policy.

Rationale for revising the Macaulay Scholars Council Charter

Rationale for revising the Macaulay Scholars Council Charter:

Since the Macaulay Scholars Council Charter was originally written, Macaulay Honors College has undergone significant changes. Macaulay is now an accredited degree-granting institution, complete with it’s own College Council. In addition, the number of large, annual student events and the number of student clubs and publications has grown dramatically. The revised charter considers these major changes into account to ensure the MSC remains relevant and functional. These changes should highlight the important role the MSC plays in the MHC student experience.

Additionally, the MSC is annually crippled by a deficiency of representatives due to a general lack of interest in the MSC. Some possible reasons have no immediate solution. For example, MSC Representatives are not financially compensated as student government representatives on other CUNY campuses are, however, MHC currently does not have the budget to offer MSC representatives financial compensation. Furthermore, at some campuses, and often among the upper classes, there is a feeling that the MSC has nothing to offer students, that the MSC is not only inactive but also purposeless, and that representatives use their position as an empty resume point. These issues can and should be addressed by ensuring that the MSC is functioning at the highest possible level, that representatives have clear responsibilities and are accountable to their constituents, and that the activities of the MSC are transparent to the entire student body and MHC community. The revised charter seeks to do this.