Macaulay Honors College students participate in a rigorous and collaborative academic program, achieving intellectual and professional aspirations comparable to students enrolled in the country's most prestigious colleges and universities. Macaulay students discover challenge, camaraderie, and the tools to become leaders and problem solvers in a rapidly changing world.

The Macaulay curriculum takes advantage of the wealth of hands-on learning opportunities available in New York, and through the Macaulay Opportunities Grant program, each student pursues their own program of global research, service, and internships.

At Macaulay, we work with principals, guidance counselors and AP teachers to identify candidates early in their high school careers - and even in some cases reaching out to middle schools to begin the work of preparing a wide pool of students for top-level colleges and universities. We are especially interested in preparing and recruiting more under-represented minority candidates to Macaulay Honors College and CUNY's other top programs.

We look forward to working with you and assisting your students as they prepare for college. In addition to visiting your school, we would be delighted to have you and your students tour Macaulay Honors College at 35 West 67th Street.

Please contact me to set up tours, talk about mentoring programs for top high school and middle school students, or to answer any questions you may about Macaulay Honors College and other top CUNY programs.

Good luck to all your students,

Marianne Booufall-Tynan
Director of Enrollment Management
Macaulay Honors College


Can you tell me a little bit more about Macaulay Honors College?

William E. Macaulay Honors College at The City University of New York ("Macaulay") offers an exceptional academic and extracurricular environment for engaged and motivated students who come from all parts of New York and around the world. Macaulay students enroll in one of eight CUNY colleges (Baruch, Brooklyn, City, Hunter, John Jay, Lehman, Queens, or Staten Island). Through the unique Macaulay Advising Program, each student develops a coordinated, individualized academic program that includes courses selected from over 210 majors, global learning, graduate and professional mentoring, community engagement, and faculty-student research collaboration.

What makes Macaulay different?

Macaulay's core values are collaboration, innovation, leadership, and service. Unique aspects of the Macaulay program include:

  • A sequence of four interdisciplinary seminars with a focus on New York City
  • A fabulous new building, just minutes from Lincoln Center on the Upper West Side of Manhattan
  • Each student creates a unique course of study, guided by over 475 majors and the Macaulay Advising Program (MAP), which encourages students to pursue research, service, and internship opportunities, in New York and around the world
  • Macaulay students enroll at one of the eight participating CUNY campuses (Baruch, Brooklyn, City, Hunter, John Jay, Lehman, Queens, and Staten Island)
  • Through the Macaulay Opportunities Fund, each student may apply for global study, service, and internships
  • The Macaulay community on each campus includes a Director and Advisors, as well as Instructional Technology Fellows ("Tech Fellows"), graduate students who are also experts in using technology for research and collaboration across the disciplines.

What Financial Aid package does Macaulay offer?

Macaulay Honors College students are designated "University Scholars" and receive a comprehensive scholarship package:

  • Full Undergraduate Tuition Scholarship (excludes fees)*
  • New laptop (currently the MacBook Pro®)
  • Opportunities Fund grant to support global research, service, and internships
  • Professional mentoring and career preparation with leaders in government, business, science, and the arts
  • Honors study abroad and service learning opportunities around the globe
  • Cultural Passport provides free or discounted entry to hundreds of New York arts and cultural venues

*Students must meet CUNY NYS residency requirements for in state tuition to receive the full tuition scholarship. Click here for CUNY Tuition and Fees

What types of activities are Macaulay students involved in?

You name it!

  • Community service projects in New York and around the world
  • Student Government
  • Athletics
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Journalism
  • Theater

How does a student apply?

Complete Macaulay's online application.

A complete application includes:

  • Official high school transcript(s)
  • SAT or ACT scores
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Essays
  • $65 application fee

International students must submit official transcripts, diplomas, and/or school certificates (with official translations of all documents not originally in English).

We prefer that all documents be submitted online. Any materials that cannot be submitted online should be mailed to:
The City University of New York
University Application Processing Center (UAPC)
Attn: Macaulay Honors College
P.O. Box 359021
Brooklyn, New York, 11235

Is the CUNY Honors Program the same as Macaulay Honors College?

Yes. In 2006 the CUNY Honors Program was renamed Macaulay Honors College. They are one and the same.

Does Macaulay accept transfer students?

No. Macaulay considers a "transfer student" anyone who has attended classes at a post-secondary institution after high school (whether the student received credit or not, or whether they intend to transfer that credit over or not).

Does Macaulay accept AP or College Now credits?

Yes, but the number of AP or College Now credits that are accepted towards the student's degree varies by campus. Students can get more information about specific AP policies and requirements from Macaulay's eight partner campuses.

Deadlines and Documents

What is the deadline for applying to Macaulay Honors College?

The application deadline for Macaulay Honors College is December 1st at 6 pm EST
Macaulay Honors College does not offer an early decision option.

When will students know if they are accepted?

You will receive a decision regarding your Macaulay admission postmarked by March 15.

All Macaulay applicants will be notified of their admission decision as general freshman beginning February 1.

Does Macaulay accept SAT or ACT scores that are mailed after the application deadline?

No. Students must have the College Board send their scores to Macaulay Honors College before the application deadline.

Where do students send their SAT or ACT scores?

SAT or ACT scores are sent electronically using the College Board website. Scores should be sent either to UAPC or to the CUNY College to which the student is applying. The UAPC code for both the SAT and ACT is 2950.

Which parts of the SAT does Macaulay consider?

The Reading and Math sections of the SAT are currently the only scores that are reviewed in the Macaulay application process. We do not review the Writing section.

Are SAT IIs required? If so, what is the accepted score range?

SAT IIs are not required. Students may submit SAT II scores, if they provide additional support for the application, but SAT IIs are not required for admission. Sometimes SAT II scores provide a more complete picture, particularly if some aspect of a student's application does not reflect his or her best performance (for example, if on the SAT IIs a student has a higher score or percentile than on the SATs).

Where do students send their transcripts?

If students attend a New York City public high school, their transcript will be sent to Macaulay Honors College via their OSIS number. A list of OSIS numbers is included on the Macaulay online application.

If students live outside New York City or attend a private or parochial high school in New York City, they should ask their high school guidance department to mail an official copy of the transcript to:
The City University of New York
University Application Processing Center (UAPC)
Attn: Macaulay Honors College
P.O. Box 359021
Brooklyn, New York 11235

Is an essay required for the Macaulay application?

Yes. Students complete essays that are included with the online application. Students should remember to proofread carefully and save a hard copy for their records.

How do students submit supplemental materials with the application?

Macaulay's application is to be completed online. Click here to access the online application.

There is a section of the online application that allows you to print a cover sheet to attach with your supplemental materials. Materials that cannot be submitted online should be mailed to:

The City University of New York
University Application Processing Center (UAPC)
Attn: Macaulay Honors College
P.O. Box 359021
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Why do students have to provide emails for their recommenders? Will CUNY notify them to ask that they write recommendations for me?

Yes, when a student enters the name and email for his or her recommender and presses "Email Now," an email is sent to that recommender with an explanation and the electronic recommendation form. The recommender completes the form and sends it directly to Macaulay Honors College. It's a good idea for students to check with their recommenders to make sure they have received the email and sent the letter to Macaulay by the deadline.

Is it possible for recommenders to mail their letters of recommendation? Are there any specific forms they should use for letters of recommendation that are mailed?

We strongly encourage prospective students to have all their documents sent to us electronically, as this facilitates a timely review of your application. As a last resort, however, recommenders can mail a letter of recommendation to:
The City University of New York
University Application Processing Center (UAPC)
Attn: Macaulay Honors College
P.O. Box 359021
Brooklyn, New York 11235

Recommenders should include the student's application control number (found at the end of their online application) on any document mailed to UAPC.

Will Macaulay see a student's senior year grades?

Students may send a mid-year grade report, if they believe it will help their application, but it is not a required part of the Macaulay application.

The Application Process

If students are having trouble applying online to Macaulay; is there someone who can walk them through the steps? What if they keep getting bounced back to the regular CUNY application?

All questions about the online application should be directed to the CUNY Online Application Help Desk at (212) 997-CUNY (2869) or

Are there specific topics the application essays should cover? Is there a word limit?

Students need to complete essay choices. The topics are included in the essay section of the online application. There is also character limit listed in the essay section of the online application.

If students are having trouble fitting the essay in the allotted boxes on the online application (e.g. the online form is counting periods, commas, etc. as characters.), what can they do?

Please make it shorter.

If students have submitted everything (recommendations, transcripts, etc) but the website is saying that they haven't submitted everything needed, what should they do?

For technical troubleshooting and all questions regarding the Macaulay online application, please have them contact the CUNY Online Application Help Desk at (212) 997-CUNY (2869) or

What number can students call to fix a problem or reset the application?

The CUNY Online Application Help Desk can be reached at (212) 997-CUNY (2869) or

May students apply to Macaulay Honors College at more than one CUNY campus?

When you apply to Macaulay Honors College, please list the colleges in order of preference as you will receive only one Macaulay Honors College decision and up to six campus decisions for general freshman admissions. We recommend that you learn more about the eight colleges at their websites and, if possible, visit the campuses and select the ones with the programs, and extracurricular options best suited to your interests:

What is the average high school grade point average, SAT score, and class rank of students admitted to Macaulay?

Students accepted into Macaulay Honors College for the class of 2014 had an average GPA of 93.3 and SATs of 1384. High school grades and SAT scores are only one aspect of the application process, however; students' co-curricular activities and community service, teacher recommendations, and personal essays are all important components of the Macaulay application.

If a student is an accelerated (younger than normal) senior in high school, are there any extra requirements because they are graduating early?


What is Macaulay looking for in the teacher's recommendation? Are there any specific questions?

There are no specific questions. Recommenders should bear in mind that their letters are a key component of the application. The letter should speak specifically about the student's intellectual curiosity, leadership ability and experience, academic and community engagement, and other reasons why he or she would be a unique and important member of the Macaulay community.

Our school does not have a GPA or class ranking system. What should students fill in for that portion of the application?

They should either write "N/A" or leave that section blank. This will not adversely affect their application.

Does Macaulay accept the GED?

Yes we do.

Is Macaulay Honors College open to out of city and out of state residents?

Yes. Macaulay Honors College welcomes applicants from New York and around the world.

Is it possible for a student to set up an admissions interview to support his or her application?

Macaulay does not schedule admissions interviews. Several of our partner campuses invite Macaulay applicants for interviews and campus tours in January or February; in those cases, the campus will be in touch with the students directly

If a student is not accepted to Macaulay Honors College, will he or she be considered for other honors programs?

Yes, the Macaulay Honors College online application also serves as an application for other honors programs and financial aid packages for which a student may be eligible at the college he or she selects on the Macaulay application.

May a student apply to Macaulay Honors College at more than one CUNY College?

Yes, students may now apply to as many as six CUNY partner colleges and list them in their order of preference.

Students will receive a single notification regarding their Macaulay application.

What is the difference between Macaulay Honors College and other CUNY campus honors programs?

Macaulay Honors College is a collaborative program with eight campuses (Baruch, Brooklyn, City, Hunter, John Jay, Lehman, Queens, and Staten Island). Macaulay students are among CUNY's most high-achieving students and receive CUNY's most comprehensive package of benefits. They often take classes and participate in activities with honors students from the other campus honors programs.

Once a student is accepted, may he or she defer attendance for a year? If they defer, will they keep my financial aid package?

Students need to request a deferment from their campus Honors Director. If a student is granted a deferral, their financial aid package is retained.

Is the application process different for international students? Do the same deadlines apply to international students as US residents?

The application process and deadlines are the same for both international students and US residents. International students must submit official English translations of any documents not originally in English.

How do international students apply for a student visa?

First, the student must apply and be admitted to Macaulay Honors College. Once admitted, and after he or she has completed the enrollment paperwork, the student will be sent an I-20 form, which he or she should take along with the necessary documentation to the US embassy in their country to apply for a student visa.

Are international students eligible for Macaulay Honors College benefit package?

Yes, international students who apply and are admitted to Macaulay Honors College are granted the same benefit package which includes free laptop and the Opportunities Fund for global research, service, and internships.

What is the Macaulay Cultural Passport?

The Cultural Passport allows Macaulay Honors College students to visit museums and other arts and cultural venues and events free or at significantly reduced prices. The Cultural Passport has no relation to the student visa.

If a student is currently in the US on an F1 student visa, does he or she apply as a US or international student?

If a student is already in the US on an F1 student visa, he or she is considered an international student.

What is TOEFL? Does a student need to take the TOEFL test even though he or she has been living in New York for many years?

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required for all students on temporary visas and applicants whose native language is not English. If a student has a temporary visa and is from an English speaking country, he or she may be exempt from taking TOEFL. Please contact one of our Admissions Counselors ( to confirm whether he or she needs to take TOEFL.

If a student is required to take TOEFL, should they have their test scores sent to CUNY?

Yes. When registering for the TOEFL exam, you must list CUNY (university code 2950), and your score will be sent to the campus you have selected on the online application.

My student is taking the TOEFL on December 8th, the next day it is offered in my country. But the Macaulay application deadline is December 1st at 6 pm EST. What should they do?

This is fine. The TOEFL exam is not required as part of the online application. The student should complete and submit the online application and all of the other required documents by December 1st at 6 pm EST, and have the TOEFL score sent directly to CUNY (university code 2950).

Other Questions

What are the study abroad opportunities available at Macaulay Honors College? Is study abroad limited to only one semester?

There are many study abroad opportunities - from a week to a year - offered by Macaulay Honors College, our partner campuses, and CUNY. Each Macaulay student may apply for the Opportunities Fund to support global study, service, and internship opportunities.

What if a student has a change of heart and wants to change his or her major to one that is not offered at the campus where he or she was accepted? Can he or she transfer?

While transfers between Macaulay campuses are discouraged, Macaulay students are welcome to take courses on any CUNY campus, including graduate courses at The CUNY Graduate Center. Many Macaulay students enroll in cross-campus and graduate courses.

What is the crime rate at your college?

Macaulay Honors College is a collaborative program with eight campuses in the five boroughs of New York. Students can get more detailed information about the neighborhoods around the campuses from the campus web sites or their security departments.

What majors are offered at Macaulay Honors College?

Macaulay Honors College offers over 475 majors across eight different campuses. We recommend that students check out the range of programs, majors, and co-curricular offerings available on the different campuses. Macaulay Honors College students can enroll in classes at all of CUNY's colleges and programs, including graduate courses at The CUNY Graduate Center.

Are there specific dates for campus visits?

If students are interested in visiting one of our eight campuses, please check that campus's website for information and times for campus tours. For tours of Macaulay, visit the Macaulay web site.

Should students take some college-level courses before applying to Macaulay?

Students may choose to enroll in college-level courses before applying to Macaulay Honors College. However, this is not a requirement for admission.

When are Macaulay Honors College information sessions/open houses?

The schedule for information sessions and open houses is available on the Macaulay website.

May students reapply to Macaulay, if they are not accepted the first time?

So long as students have not attended another college, they may reapply if they believe that additional information and experiences make them better candidates for admission to Macaulay Honors College.

Is admission to Macaulay Honors College open to people of any age?

Yes, so long as you have never attended another post-secondary institution.

Can students double major between CUNY campuses (for example, Biology at Queens and Business at Baruch)?

No. With the help of their campus Advisors, each Macaulay student selects courses from all CUNY campuses and cross-campus programs. However, each student declares a major (or majors) only at the campus where he or she is enrolled.

If a student is accepted into Macaulay Honors College is he or she guaranteed a scholarship?

All students that meet CUNY NYS residency requirements for in state tuition will receive the full tuition scholarship (excludes fees); a new laptop; the Opportunities Fund for global research, internships, and community engagement; and a Cultural Passport that provides reduced admission at New York museums and other arts and cultural venues.

Does Macaulay Honors College offer free room and board?

Each of the Macaulay campuses has slightly different housing options for its students. Three campuses currently offer housing packages for their Macaulay students (City College, Hunter College, and Lehman College). Check with the different campuses for more information about their housing options.

Do students get housing referrals?

For Macaulay students on campuses that do not have dorms, the campus housing office helps students find affordable housing close to the campus.

What does the Macaulay scholarship cover?

The Macaulay scholarship covers Full Undergraduate Tuition Scholarship (excludes fees) for four years of college.* In some cases, a fifth year of study is also covered.

*Students must meet CUNY NYS residency requirements for in state tuition to receive the full tuition scholarship. Click here for CUNY Tuition and Fees

How do you meet NYS residency requirements for the full tuition scholarship provided for Macaulay Students?

For questions regarding CUNY NYS residency requirements, please contact the individual Macaulay partner campus.

Are Macaulay students automatically eligible for other scholarships, or do they need to fill out other scholarship applications?

Macaulay students may be eligible for additional scholarships as a result of admission to Macaulay Honors College, but this is not automatic. Students should check with the campus Financial Aid office to obtain information on other scholarships and follow the office's rules and guidelines for applying.

Is there a way to withdraw from the Macaulay Honors College scholarship?

If a student is accepted to Macaulay Honors College and chooses not to attend, he or she should notify us by email immediately.

Does Macaulay have a core curriculum? What are the Macaulay New York City seminars?

In each of their first four semesters, all Macaulay students take a sequence of interdisciplinary seminars with a special focus on New York City

  • The Arts in New York City
  • The Peopling of New York City
  • Science and Technology in New York City
  • Shaping the Future of New York City

Who teaches the core seminars?

The four New York seminars that make up the Macaulay core curriculum are taught in small classes by distinguished faculty members from the eight participating campuses.

Do Macaulay Advisors meet with students before they start college?

Students may request a meeting with their Advisors as soon as they have been admitted to Macaulay Honors College. The Macaulay Advising Program (MAP) is truly unique in higher education. The Advisors are full-time academic professionals who help students chart individual courses of learning and engagement.

Do Macaulay students register early?

Yes, Macaulay Honors College provides its students the convenience of early registration.

Can Macaulay students take courses at other CUNY campuses?

Yes, Macaulay students can take courses at any CUNY campus, including The CUNY Graduate Center, and we encourage students to do so. Macaulay combines the close-knit, collaborative community of a small college with the intellectual opportunities of a global research university and the extensive resources of New York City.

How much pressure do students feel about maintaining their GPA?

Although students participate in a rigorous, academically challenging curriculum, and are required to maintain a GPA of 3.5 to remain in good standing in Macaulay Honors College, our students say that they focus less on their GPA and more on enjoying the rich learning experiences and opportunities that Macaulay Honors College provides them.

When do students declare their major/minor?

Students usually declare their major towards the end of their sophomore year, though it varies from campus to campus and major to major.

When do students begin taking courses in their major?

Students can take courses toward their major from their very first semester, so long as they have taken the necessary prerequisites. Students should check with their Advisors when planning their courses.

When does registration begin?

Registration takes place during the summer, prior to Orientation. The exact period for Macaulay students to register varies from campus to campus.

When can students study abroad?

Macaulay students are encouraged to take advantage of study abroad opportunities any time after the spring semester of their freshman year.

What funding options are there to study abroad?

Each Macaulay Honors College student may apply for the Opportunities Fund to pursue global study, research, and internships. There may be additional funds available through the local campuses as well. Advisors point students towards other CUNY and outside fellowships for special projects.

How do students find out about internships?

Through the Macaulay Advising Program (MAP) on the campuses and the extensive network of Macaulay alumni and friends in virtually every profession in New York and around the world, Macaulay students are encouraged to complete in-depth internships connected to their intellectual interests and professional aspirations.

Is there an alumni network?

Yes, Macaulay has classes of graduates since 2004 and thousands of alumni around the world, including young leaders in medicine, science, government, business, and the not-for-profit sectors, plus many graduate students (nearly 90% of Macaulay alumni plan to pursue graduate or professional school after Macaulay). Through a generous donation from Laura Schor, the Founding Dean of the Honors College, a wide range of arts, service, and professional networking programs are provided for all Macaulay alumni programs free of charge. Each year, in the fall, the senior class is invited to a special dinner to meet local alumni and learn about the many opportunities available through the Macaulay Alumni Network.

Do a lot of Macaulay students work during college?

Macaulay students receive a full scholarship and are discouraged from working due to the challenging nature of the Macaulay Honors College curriculum.

Did You Know?

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