The Macaulay Academic Program

Macaulay students engage New York City as their laboratory, their campus, and their home. Key elements of the program include:

Interdisciplinary NYC Seminars

Interdisciplinary seminars combine traditional scholarly activity with hands-on experiences to deepen understanding of the arts, history, and people of New York.

In each of the first four semesters, students enroll in small, interdisciplinary seminars focused on the past, present, and future of New York City:

  • The Arts of New York
  • The Peopling of New York
  • Science & Technology in New York
  • The Future of New York


"Advising is a very personalized process...I want students to understand their unlimited potential, to see the many brilliant trajectories that are open to them. My goal is to do whatever I can to assist our students in the vital task of becoming who they are."--Michael Lamb, Associate Director of Immersive and Personalized Education, Macaulay Honors College.

Macaulay offers a supportive and comprehensive advising system, which enables each student to mine the vast resources of CUNY and New York City.

Whether you are interested in graduate or professional school, exposure to a specific field of work or community service, or starting something that has never existed before, Macaulay advisors-both on you campus and at Macaulay-will connect you with the resources to succeed.

Global Learning

Macaulay prepares students to lead in an increasingly global environment. Over 90% of Macaulay students intend to study abroad. Using the Opportunities Fund, additional CUNY resources, and outside fellowships, students pursue a wide range of short--term, semester and year--long study abroad programs, as well as global research, community service, and service learning programs. The opportunities are as boundless as our students' intellectual interests and creativity.


Macaulay students meet and network with New York's most dynamic firms-including Google, HBO, New York Life Insurance, and Duane Morris LLP. Students often use the Opportunities Fund to fund internships that help them explore different professional paths and to gain hands-on experience in fields they wish to pursue in graduate school or professionally after college.

Instructional Technology

At the start of freshman year, each Macaulay student receives a free laptop computer. In one of the first orientation activities they begin to work with their Instructional Technology Fellows, CUNY doctoral students in a wide range of academic disciplines, selected for their experience using technology in the classroom and for research.

Since 2008, Macaulay students develop eportfolios to collect, reflect on, and present their learning throughout their time at Macaulay and beyond.

Major Fields of Study

Macaulay Honors College offers over 475 majors across eight different campuses. We recommend that you check out the range of programs, majors, and co-curricular offerings available on the different campuses. Macaulay Honors College students can enroll in classes at all of CUNY's colleges and programs, including graduate courses at The CUNY Graduate Center.