Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Macaulay Strategic Plan Draft Cover Screenshot
Strategic Plan 2020-2025
Annual Report 2022-2023

Strategic Plan 2020-2025: Access, Excellence, Transformation

This plan provides strategic direction, a set of broadly defined goals critical to the evolution of our college. It is not a prescriptive plan, but rather a dynamic one open to modification as we proceed, progress, and observe changes in the world. The ideas in this plan are meant to guide our work, focus our priorities, and inspire us to move forward in exciting new directions. The 2020-2025 Strategic Plan is a roadmap for Macaulay to leverage the talent within Macaulay, CUNY, and New York City.


Planning Process

Beginning with the 2018-2019 academic year, Macaulay’s Strategic Planning Committee worked to develop a Strategic Plan for the college that will chart our course into the future. The new plan builds and expands upon our existing goals, and aligns with CUNY’s strategic framework where appropriate. The Strategic Plan 2020-2025 was adopted in late Fall 2019 after community review and revisions.

Initial Phase: Spring 2018-Fall 2018

      • Review Mission/Vision
      • Environmental Scan
      • SWOT Analysis

Outreach to Community: Spring 2018-Fall 2018

      • Website
      • Brown Bag Lunches
      • Campus Visits
      • Focus Groups
      • Interviews

Strategy Development: Fall 2018-Spring 2019

      • Identify Strategic Themes
      • Engage Community for Feedback on Strategic Priorities
      • Develop Goals

Review/Reflection: Summer 2019-Fall 2019

      • Develop Initiatives
      • Develop Draft Document

Endorsement Process: Fall 2019

      • Share Draft with Community
      • Incorporate Feedback
      • Finalize Plan and Share with Community

Steering Committee Charge

Dean Pearl has convened a Steering Committee to guide the strategic planning process. The Steering Committee will elicit input from stakeholders, aggregate and synthesize data collected throughout the planning process, and shape the outcomes into plans for the college.

The Steering Committee’s efforts will include:

      1. Creating a transparent and inclusive process for the development of Macaulay’s Strategic Plan, which is based on a foundation of knowledge about Macaulay within the context of its position within CUNY, New York City, and trends and challenges in higher education;
      2. Understanding the components of an institutional strategic plan and reviewing and or developing those that are necessary (e.g., Mission, Vision, Timeline, Goals, etc.);
      3. Identifying, engaging, and responding to stakeholder working groups in the development of the objectives and goals for the strategic plan;
      4. Creating the documents for the planning process;
      5. Disseminating information about the planning process;
      6. Developing the Strategic Planning document;
      7. Recommending next steps.

Strategic Planning Committee Members

Diane Phillips, Director of Institutional Research
Su Ng, Assistant to the Dean

Lisa Brundage, Director of Teaching, Learning and Technology
Owen Gutfreund, Professor of Urban Affairs and Planning, Hunter College
Stephanie Hyacinth, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations
Vanessa Iaffa, Pre-Health Program Advisor
Yosef Ibrahimi, Macaulay Honors College Foundation Board member,
Macaulay Honors College at Queens Alumnus
Danielle Jackson, Institutional Research and Assessment Specialist
Maisha Kamal, Scholars Council President, Class’19, MHC at Brooklyn College
Jake Levin, Macaulay Honors College at Brooklyn Alumnus
Geraldine Murphy, Macaulay Honors College Director at City College
Kelly O’Donnell, Director Science Forward, MHC Seminar 3 Faculty
Michael Parascandola, Digital Service Associate
Lorna Ronald, Senior Advisor, Macaulay Honors College at Queens College

Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Click on the link below to view the previous Strategic Plan
Macaulay Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Maintaining High Standards and Requirements

Along with the CUNY Graduate Center, Macaulay participated in a self-study as mandated by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (the body that  evaluates institutions like ours).

The final version of CUNY Graduate School and University Center Middle States Self-Study 2020 is available for our community to read  on the Graduate Center Middle States page (login required). DETAILS