Lost Souls Boxed Set 2

Lost Souls Boxed Set

Lost Souls Boxed Set 2

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Executed, widowed, and robbed of his entire crew of pirates, Captain Ander Frost makes a desperate attempt to recover what he’s lost: a deal with death. Lost Souls Servant of Death and its sequel Lost Souls Book II An Assassin of Blood take you along with him.

Tasked to kill a usurper of the Roman emperorship, he must ally himself with the man that had him, his wife and crew murdered in the first place ? High King of the entire human population ? Rian Forge. Set in ancient Imperial Rome, where the likes of dwarves and elves live side by side with humans under Roman rule, Captain Frost must make unlikely alliances, work with enemies, bargain with Death, and fight anyone who would dare prevent him from reuniting with his wife.

Books are accompanied by limited edition 8"x11" prints of artwork by Geevanesam Devakanmalai.

Starting Bid: $30

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