Meet Our Students | Macaulay Honors College

Meet Our Students

Hear from students, alumni, and advisors about what it is like to be a part of the Macaulay Honors College community.

Maxim Bakaleynik '10 (Baruch College)

“The city becomes your quad and you have an experience like no one else”

– Maxim Bakaleynik

Raj Basak '15 (City College)

“Macaulay is amazing because of the range of opportunities that you have at your fingertips”

– Raj Basak

Cynthia Perez Beltethon '14 (Hunter College)

“I didn’t realize I was going to have all that support”

– Cynthia Perez Beltethon

Carlsky Belizaire '15 (Queens College)

“I was able to go on three different trips over the winter session”

– Carlsky Belizaire

Kristen Cournane '19 (Queens College)

“Because at 18, even if you think you know what you want to do, it’s a ball game you have to play it out and see where you end up”

– Kristen Cournane

Ahmed Farooq '19 (Baruch College)

“You will meet some of the most passionate, the brightest, the most driven students”

– Ahmed Farooq

Macaulay Advisors

Find out why Wynter Green (Advisor at Queens College), Lisa French (Director & Advisor at College of Staten Island), and William Lang (Advisor at City College) love Macaulay and how they help their students achieve their goals.

Macaulay Advisor | Wynter Green

“Macaulay is a place where it’s impossible to get lost. You have a lot of people that are looking out for you”

– Wynter Green

Macaulay Advisor | Lisa French

“Life is both too long and too short to do something that you really aren’t happy for”

– Lisa French

Macaulay Advisor | William Lung

“We really care about these students and how they fulfill their potential”

– William Lung