The Opportunities Fund and Your Impact

Every Macaulay student has access to the Opportunities Fund, a grant that is available over the course of their time at the college.* Through this fund, students can broaden the scope of their learning and link their academic experiences to their future lives and careers.

The Opportunities Fund can be used for personalized educational experiences that might otherwise be limited due to cost, such as:

  • Study abroad
  • Independent or faculty-sponsored research
  • Unpaid internship positions
  • National or international community service or volunteering
  • Professional conference attendance

Macaulay Honors College spends over $2 million each year to fund student requests to use Opportunities Fund grants.

Private contributions make it happen.

Supported by private donors who believe in the mission of Macaulay, every dollar invested in the Opportunities Fund creates possibilities that shape and influence the lives of our students.

We invite you to make a donation today.


* Subject to the continued availability of funds.