Branding through Transmedia Storytelling and Digital Content

Branding through Transmedia Storytelling
and Digital Content
Instructor: Robert Small
Offered by Lehman College (ART 350)
Macaulay Honors College
Digital content strategy and transmedia storytelling uses narrative, interactivity, and a variety of platforms to introduce audiences to brands, institutions, people and ideas. We’ll explore the subject in depth and our seminars will focus on key topics in digital content creation (guest speakers will include creative leaders from relevant disciplines including marketing, branding, analytics, social networking and media business). In addition to the seminars, hands-on workshops will cover core technical skills related to the creation of digital content (video, design, web).
For the final project, students will present a proposal for an original transmedia marketing campaign. We’ll cover how to create a recognizable identity/visual presence for the project and how to achieve wide-reaching exposure. We’ll also begin promoting the CUNY Film Festival, and students will have the option of taking a class in the Spring that focuses on all aspects of producing the festival.

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