Seminar 3: Science Forward (Online)

Instructor: Kelly O’Donnell
Offered by Macaulay Honors College

Science Forward is a seminar that explores the nature of science itself and models the way scientists think and work. The seminar is interdisciplinary; it features a wide variety of physical and life sciences so that students may practice the skills common to all sciences. In this seminar, students will often analyze issues in science and technology that have an impact on contemporary New York. An online version of Science Forward will be offered in Fall 2017. Our online course site will serve as a central location for our robust student discussions and shared class activities (labs, simulations, models, etc.). Students will attend the opening data collection event for all sophomores, the BioBlitz, which is a 24-hour species diversity survey in NYC. Students will then use these data to conduct their own original research projects and present their results at a poster conference at the end of the semester. Besides these two events, there will be one or two other opportunities for the whole class to meet at the Macaulay building.

Note: This course will be conducted online.  The workload in an online course is the same as a face-to-face course, but it requires more writing, more self-discipline, and attention to details and deadlines.  Please be aware of the nature of online learning before registering.

Course Codes:

MHC 255 | CRN: TBA


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