Macaulay Springboard

Instructor: Elizabeth Reis
Fridays, 10:00 AM – 12:40 PM
Macaulay Honors College, classroom 3N

Rather than requiring seniors to demonstrate what they have learned in a final thesis or capstone project, Macaulay offers an opportunity to create a springboard—an open-ended project that builds on knowledge acquired and opens possibilities for ongoing learning.

The experience includes a year-long, six-credit workshop that helps students prepare projects that:

  • Ask questions, pose dilemmas, and propose specific research pathways toward continued learning
  • Require independent research and writing
  • Foster collaborative critique
  • Unite disciplines rather than focusing on only one field of study

Springboard projects are presented publicly, at a national conference, to expand our students’ academic networks and encourage two-way communication with a wide audience..

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Textbooks TBA.

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Course Codes:

MHC 355