Media Marketing

Instructors: Robert Small, Jon Ehrenberg
Offered by Lehman College as Art 451: Topics in Computer Imaging
Thursdays 4:30-8:00pm

This class follows theory course “Art 350 Branding through Transmedia Storytelling and Digital Content”, but Art 350 is not a prerequisite.

The course involves producing multiple aspects of the CUNY Film Festival in 2016.  We as a group will watch the film entries, create a multi-platform transmedia promotion campaign, and produce the awards gala on April 28, 29, 30.  Students will shoot interviews with several filmmakers in advance of the festival for promotional purposes.  In addition, students will video the awards gala, conduct interviews with attendees, and then edit and package them for release on various social media platforms and devices.  The remaining weeks after the festival will be focused on individual student projects.  Some knowledge of video, audio or editing will be helpful but not required.

Course Codes:

Art 451 Topics in Computer Imaging (Lehman) | Location: Macaulay Honors College, Cabaret