Unsolved Problems in Astrophysics

Instructor: Emily Rice
Tuesday  1:00-3:40 pm
Class meets at American Museum of Natural History
Perkin Reading Room, 5th Floor, Rose Center

This class meets once a week at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and is organized around weekly guest lectures from experts in various research areas of astrophysics and science communication from AMNH and beyond. Before each guest lecture, readings and discussions before class and in class will focus on providing the groundwork to substantially engage with the guest lecturer. An online chat group will be used to facilitate our pre-class discussions. After each lecture, in-class discussions and assignments will provide a “debrief” on both the science topic and the successes and failures of the communication strategies of the guest lecturer.

In addition to the science concepts relevant to each “unsolved problem”, lectures and discussion will also focus on the instruments, telescopes, and methods being used and how new approaches and technologies will impact the particular topic, as well as the communication of science among collaborators, colleagues, the general public, and other stakeholders. Students need not have a science background for this course.

Assignments will include participating in online pre-class discussions; writing about science for various audiences; making posters, giving oral presentations, and/or writing grant proposals; and peer assessments of classmates.

Preliminary syllabus available here.

Course Codes:

MHC 326