One Application, 8 CUNY Campus Choices

Macaulay students all enroll in one of eight CUNY senior colleges.

When you apply to Macaulay, you’ll create a single CUNY application in which you may select up to SIX campuses of interest ranked in your order of preference. If you are accepted to Macaulay, one of these will become your home campus.

Students applying to Macaulay Honors College will use CUNY’s simple online application to provide most of the required information. Requirements for the 8 CUNY home campuses vary slightly, so individual colleges may request supplemental details.

Learn more about Macaulay’s 8 CUNY campuses.

Macaulay at CUNY

Macaulay students enroll as undergraduates in one of eight CUNY colleges and take most of their courses at their home campus.