Macaulay scholars share their stories in a series of profiles.

Carlsky Belizaire

"Macaulay allowed me to visit world wonders and Fortune 500 companies ...and ultimately see deeper into my own culture as well as the ones with which I interacted."

Carlsky Belizaire,Class of 2015 (Queens College)
Jake Levin

"I chose Macaulay because of the incredible price tag, material amenities, academic support, course offerings, and location in the greatest city in the world."

Jake Levin,Class Of 2016 (Brooklyn College)
Kate McQuater

"Macaulay has taught me to feel at home anywhere in the world and all people are my community."

Kate McQuater,Class of 2013 (Brooklyn College)
Kat Mateo

“I want to be a federal supreme court judge. I don’t want low-impact, I want high-impact! As a federal supreme court judge you can actually make changes that have a real effect.”

Kat Mateo,Class Of 2011 (Lehman College)
Photo of Macaulay students at 2015 orientation

"My experience as a Macaulay Honors student has offered me more opportunities than I could have imagined. Before Macaulay, I didn't know I would find a community of students and faculty that fostered my personal growth and success so close to home." Kanika Khanna,Class Of 2013 (College of Staten Island)

Macaulay Students at Orientation 2015
Anna Katkovskaya

“Macaulay allowed me to travel to study in explore my interests...while graduating debt free. I did research at the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries at NYU, which specializes in treating dancers and learning about preventative measures to take so that dancers like myself do not get injured as much.” Anna Katkovskaya,Class Of 2016 (Hunter College)

"College has taught me that community is everything. I am incredibly indebted to the administrators, faculty, and students of CUNY, who have challenged me, inspired me, and made me the person I am today." Kaitlyn O'Hagan,Class of 2013 (Hunter College)

Paula Garcia-Salazar

"As a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) student, I hope that my experience is an inspiration to other undocumented students who feel like they don’t have any options because of their immigration status."

Paula Garcia-Salazar,Class of 2015 (City College)