Macaulay Mentors Program: Mentor Application

Mentors are Expected to:

  • Have at least three (3) years of professional experience
  • Must be able to attend the 3 mandatory in-person events in New York City.
  • Provide ongoing support, feedback, and advice to promote mentee’s professional growth and achievement
    • Time commitment will vary, but mentors are expected to engage with their mentee through at least twice a month (i.e. in-person, phone or email) during the mentorship.
    • Mandatory meetings include: Orientation/Training, two group sessions, and culminating event:
      • Tuesday, October 10, 2023: Training for Mentors, virtual through Zoom
      • Monday, November 6, 2023: Mentoring Kick-Off Event, in-person at the Macaulay building 35 West 67th Street
      • Wednesday, February 28, 2024: Mid-year check-in (In-person, NYC)
      • Wednesday, May 1, 2024: End of year completion ceremony (In person, NYC)
    • The mentoring sessions are arranged directly by the mentor and the mentee.
    • Meet with the mentee and identify at least three short- and/or long-term goals for your mentorship relationship (what the mentee hopes to achieve).
  • Find at least (1) networking or professional development event you can bring your mentee to.
    • Examples: Shadow at your office, networking happy hour, conference, etc.
  • Complete end of program assessments


The application is now closed.