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Celebrate your Macaulay Senior

On this “Twosday”, we invite you to celebrate your upcoming Class of 2022 graduate with a gift of $22 or $222 or even $2,222.

Make a gift in their honor and leave a special note in the comment section.

You must be so proud as your student approaches this monumental milestone. Graduating from college is always an important achievement, but the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for Macaulay students—and students the world over—as they grapple with the normal stresses of their academic journeys.

Macaulay shares your pride and wishes you many moments of joy in the coming months.


Alumni Match

Nicole Lennon Ganley ’14 and James Ganley ’12 (both Hunter) became friends during their time at Macaulay, then reconnected at a Macaulay alumni event. They fell in love and were married in Central Park in 2020.

“We love Macaulay for having a truly positive impact on every aspect of our lives and are proud to give back in any way we can.”


50 Tips to Get Your Dream Job

Watching these 50 tips will help you understand key things you must do to get your dream job. The more tips you make use of the more likely you will succeed. Also, be sure to access the resources of Macaulay’s Career Development Office, including working with staff to review your resume and cover letter, answer questions, and role play common interview questions with you.

Produced by the Career Development Committee of Macaulay’s Parents’ Council.


Professor Zohra Saed’s Quest to Rescue Her ‘Literary Family’ from the Taliban

In the aftermath of this summer’s U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the return to power of the Taliban, thousands of Afghan families are still trying to evacuate  their country and come to the United States. Zohra Saed (left), a poet, editor and distinguished professor at Macaulay Honors College who was born in Afghanistan, has rallied her literary peers and friends in New York’s community of Central Asian immigrants to rescue one such imperiled family — a writer, his sister and father and nine other relatives, including children — who are all now in hiding. Saed enlisted one of her former students, Mayha Ghouri, a CUNY Law School graduate who is now an immigration attorney, to file applications for emergency visas that would allow them to evacuate and enter the United States. Saed and Ghouri join the CUNYcast to tell their dramatic story.

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Macaulay First Generation Initiative


Macaulay First Generation

A common thread between many our alumni, current and incoming students is: they are the first in their family to attend college.

For staff, advisors, directors: Let’s show our community that Macaulay is a wonderful place for first-generation students. A place where they will be supported and will thrive. To create a more welcoming and inclusive community, we invite you to fill out this form to include our new Macaulay First Generation logo on your website profile image in our directory.

For students: we want to hear your story. Share a little bit about your experiences below!

After this first step, we plan to gather information from around our community regarding the unique challenges faced by first generation college students with the goal of ensuring Macaulay is a safe, welcoming place for first-generation college students to thrive and reach their full potential.

Share Your Story


Macaulay students and alumni have had so many achievements and we want to hear yours. Let us know if you’ve won an award, were accepted into grad school, received a job offer, won a competition, or are just feeling great about your journey ahead.

Fill out the form below and we will try to feature you on our social media accounts or website.