Ask Victoria (Facebook Live Event) | Macaulay Honors College

Ask Victoria (Facebook Live Event)

  • June 27, 2017
    12:00 pm - 12:15 pm
  • June 27, 2017
    12:45 pm - 1:00 pm

June 27, 2017

12 – 12:15 pm
12:45 – 1pm

Location: Facebook Live! @MacaulayatCUNY


Since 2013, Idealist Careers has been providing their audience with tips, strategies, and sound advice to help them find, land, and love their social impact career. Since then, they’ve created Ask Victoria, an advice column that provides personalized, actionable responses to your burning career and job search questions.

Please join us for a Facebook Live! session of Ask Victoria @MacaulayatCUNY!

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Hey, this sounds great! What types of questions can I ask?

Glad you asked! We will be focusing on job search and career development topics like:

Finding and pursuing your passion: Not sure what you want to do? Like your current job but want a slight change in direction? Don’t know what to do with your degree? Looking for a new spark after being in the same career for 20 years? These are some of my favorite questions because it really gets to the “heart” of you, what excites you and gives you a sense of fulfillment.

Planning and managing your job search: How do you look for “hidden” or “unpublished” opportunities in your area of interest? What do you do when you’ve been out of work (voluntarily or not) for a while? How much time should be spent on applying versus networking and building relationships? What I love about these nitty-gritty questions on the logistics of searching and applying for opportunities is that I can base my responses on guidelines from the “front lines” (recruiters and hiring managers) yet still personalize the strategy to your specific situation.

Writing a resume and cover letter: How do you write a “wow-worthy” resume that gets noticed by employers? How do you customize your document to a particular career field or cause area? How do you keep the focus on your accomplishments rather than job duties? What about format (Can it be longer than a page? What about font style, etc)? After writing and revamping thousands of resumes, this has become one of my strong suits! Please note: While I love to talk shop about resumes, resume reviews are not offered as a feature of the Ask Victoria session at this time.

Interviewing well: How do you prepare for an interview? How do you craft intelligent, thoughtful responses to interview questions? What do you wear? How do you calm jitters? How do you get selected for an interview in the first place? In order to interview well, placing emphasis on these things is really helpful: maintaining confidence, knowing your fit (in relation to both skills and organizational culture) and effectively articulating it to the employer, and preparation. I’m always excited about helping an interviewee prepare by delving into their work history and excavating great anecdotes that illustrate their candidacy!

Networking effectively: How do you network when you’re introverted or shy? How do you ask someone for an introduction? What is an informational interview and how do you facilitate one effectively? How do you maintain relationships with your contacts? What if you’ve “burned a bridge?” What I love about networking questions is that I had them once, too! After years of practice, I’ve learned to prepare pre-event so that I’m comfortable with putting myself out there, and I’ve reframed the term “networking” in my mind and defined it as “developing relationships” or “getting to know someone.”

Developing your career: What are up-and-coming jobs in your field? How do you keep your skills fresh? How do you seek out opportunities for your growth and professional development? What should you do in order to shine at work? Should you go to grad school and what should you study? While it might not seem like the case, there is an element of “finding your passion” in this topic. Identifying the direction you should go to develop your career can in many cases rely on self-assessment and discovering you.

Your well-being: How do you keep your confidence up while job searching (or going for your next promotion)? How do you invest in self-care when you’re on a budget? How do you get over the hurdle when you’re faced with rejection or your supervisor gave you negative feedback? What if you feel inferior because your skills are outdated? Yes, work is important and in our field, work is our way of making the world a better place. But with this comes hurdles in how we take care of ourselves and each other. I look forward to helping people identify and appreciate their strengths and the unique gifts they have to offer, as well as finding activities that appeal to their needs in a holistic way.

Can people ask questions anonymously if they’re concerned about privacy?

Absolutely! If you prefer to ask your question anonymously, you can submit it via email. All personal names will be changed (or omitted upon request). If you prefer to have a pseudonym different from the one I’ve assigned you, you are welcome to suggest your choice! In order to provide audience with context we may (with your permission) disclose actual job titles or organizations.

Submit your Ask Victoria questions in the comments section of the Facebook Live event or by emailing with the subject line “@MacaulayatCUNY Facebook Live Session”.


So, who’s Victoria?

Victoria Crispo I became acquainted with Idealist in late 2000 while working in the career development office at a private liberal arts college in NYC. I used it almost daily to help students and alumni find meaningful careers. After a 12-year stint in higher education, I worked as a career coach for professionals in various industries (and still used Idealist). During one of those many searches, a listing really caught my eye- the one for the newly-created position, Careers Program Coordinator. So… I jumped at the opportunity. Since then, I took on the role of Manager of Career Content for Idealist Careers, creating career content for job seekers, leaders, and other nonprofit professionals. Understanding the roles that a positive outlook and holistic self-care play in career success, I’ve shared with our readers time-honored methods for improving confidence and productivity. Now, as Manager of College and Professional Development, my focus is on lifting the advice from Idealist Careers “off the page”. Drawing from my experience in career development, I propel job seekers and career changers towards taking control of their searches with confidence and removing fear, uncertainty, and other blocks to success via in-person workshops and seminars, webinars, and conference programming. My great loves are cooking (preferably without a recipe, otherwise I doctor it up), dancing, live cultural performances, identifying the tasting notes in a good cup of coffee, exploring neighborhoods for hidden gems, and anything else that sparks the senses and allows me to experience all the beauty, dynamism, and intrigue that vivaciously living in a remarkable world offers.