Career Chat: Cyber Security

  •  October 3, 2023
     5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Kick off Hispanic Heritage Month by attending our Career Chat with Angela Suarez, Entrepreneur and Cyber Security Specialist.


Angela will discuss her career trajectory, professional experience and share information on:

  • How to brand yourself and create an authentic energy discussing your story to showcase yourself.
  • Opportunities within the Cyber Security space
  • Excelling in a industry where women are underrepresented
  • Creating a safe space within the workforce to elevate your career
  • How to manifest your life through action and written work.
  • Tips on how to create opportunities and open doors within your career.
  • And more!


About The Speaker

Angela Maria Suarez, Entrepreneur and Cyber Security Specialist, that has worked with multiple organizations to fortune 500 companies assisting the Latinx/Hispanic community in the workforce. Since 2008, Angela has worked to change the narrative of first generations within the workforce. As a first-generation Colombian, she created a multi-faceted career working to elevate the lives of many and assisting to create a better path for future generations. Creating programs in her local high schools called “Never Stop, Keep pushing: Latinx in Tech” to educate young adults on the options technology has to offer.

Ms. Suarez has created a career telling her story to inspire others to use what they are born with and what they learn along the way to manifest the life they want. Today she is working on her integrative medicine degree at Cornell. Ms. Suarez is excited to speak to like-minded individuals who believe the word “No” is not a determent to the goal but an obstacle that can be achieved through perseverance and action. She offers one on one work and workshops to assist individuals to thrive in the workspace or entrepreneurial work.

“I believe it is who you know in life, what you have mastered along the way and can teach others is what opens doors. – Angela Suarez”






This is an event taking place virtually. Additional details may be sent to you after registration.