Discover Data Analytics

  •  April 27, 2023
     5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Want to break into the digital economy? This new project-based career development event allows you to jump right in!


Join us for an evening immersed in the critical features of Data Analytics: surging opportunities in the data analyst industry, data collection, business insights, technical skills in Excel, and much more.

This event is facilitated by COOP Careers and will be a fun, interactive, immersive evening that will accelerate your career. You’ll meet two young professionals who are  graduates of the COOP Careers training program. They will draw upon their experiences at tech companies and teach you the ropes. You’ll leave with new knowledge and fluency around this industry.



  • Hear an overview of the Data Analytics landscape, what it means and what careers it offers.
  • Overview of Data Collection, Transformation, Organization, and its importance in the data journey to the data analytical industry
  • Opportunities in the industry
  • Utilize industry-standard techniques from excel: visual excel using excel charts, learn concept terminologies, and learn simple data functions that will make your analysis



Even in the digital economy, a bachelor’s degree is not enough. Graduates need social capital—connections, casual favors, timely referrals—as much as they need skills. These favors travel quickly and organically across strong and weak social ties, but rarely across racial or economic lines.

COOP has partnered with Macaulay Honors College to develop a project-based learning challenge that will help students gain a deeper understanding of a professional field. Students will get the chance to learn by doing, working in teams and with the guidance of mentors, finding solutions to real-world issues.

Participants will gain the following skills: critical thinking/problem-solving, communicating effectively with others, teamwork, collaboration, leadership, self-discipline and creativity. MORE


Spaces are limited for this virtual event. Please register. CUNY students and alumni are welcomed to attend as well.







This is an event taking place virtually. Additional details may be sent to you after registration.