@Macaulay Author Series with Tamar Herman ’14

  •  April 22, 2021
     7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us for an exciting discussion with alumna, Tamar Herman ’14 on her recently published book BTS: Blood, Sweat & Tears. Tarmar’s extended knowledge and experience with the K-pop industry opened the doors to work as a  journalist at major companies such as Billboard, Forbes, NBC News, and most recently South China Morning Post covering the cultural influence of K-pop. Her knowledge of K-pop history and its entertainment industry analysis make her a sought after authority. Joining her in conversation will be Christina Tran ’24 a first-year student at Macaulay, John Jay campus.



Tamar Herman ’14
Senior Culture Reporter at South China Morning Post

Tamar joined the South China Morning Post (SCMP) in 2020 after years of covering K-pop and related content for outlets such as Billboard, Forbes and NBC News. She released her first book, “BTS: Blood, Sweat & Tears,” in August 2020, and can be seen in the K-pop episode of Vox’s Explained on Netflix and the K-pop Evolution series on YouTube. She is a managing editor and co-founder of Kultscene, a website dedicated to creating unique content for fans of the Korean entertainment industry. She is also a regular contributor for numerous other media outlets such as The Hollywood Reporter, Vulture, and The Village Voice. Tamar earned her BA in East Asian Studies with a focus on Korean culture, entertainment and business practices from the Macaulay Honors College, CUNY, where she studied at Queens College. Her minors were History, Korean and Business and Liberal Arts (BALA).


Christina Tran ’24


Christina is a first-year student at Macaulay Honors College, John Jay campus. She is studying political science and interested in exploring public policy at the moment. Christina loves to listen to K-pop and be a part of spreading this marvelous genre in America.




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