Professional Lunch Series: DuVale Riley, Senior Diversity Recruiter at Peace Corps

  •  October 16, 2020
     1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Event Phone: (212) 729-2906

Join us for the Professional Lunch Series!

During this 1 hour virtual session, you will learn about a professional’s experience and career trajectory, and learn more about their industry. Join us to get advice on the best strategies to follow your path and meet your career goals. They will be sharing stories from their undergraduate experience to their present-day role. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions in this informal discussion.

For this week’s speaker, please see the information below.

DuVale Riley, Peace Corps Diversity Recruiter, served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine from 2011-13 after completing his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale. As a Youth Development volunteer, DuVale helped expand a sense of civics within the community he served by encouraging youth and community members to express themselves while becoming leaders through various clubs and activities. His primary activities were focused on supervising his community’s student-run newspaper, sharing skills in personal & professional development, and engaging youth in practicing healthy lifestyles. Additionally, DuVale collaborated with fellow volunteers and community members at site and surrounding villages: contributing content to local newspapers and regional journalism non-profit, taught English, facilitated multiple classroom lessons, and collaborated in leadership projects & youth camps. Reflecting on his service, DuVale says, “Peace Corps had been such a rewarding opportunity for me in ways I never even imagined. My expectations were so different from what I envisioned – the reality is my service had been based on cultural integration and personal development. Living in another country exposes you to the differences and even similarities of our culture. We generally all have the same problems; we just have different methods of resolving them – which to me seems like a key element to understanding one another. The skill and experience that I have gained has not only broadened my horizon towards other parts of the world but also towards my country.” DuVale is also an AmeriCorps alum, participating in NCCC and VISTA as a Community Relations and Programs Support Team Leader and Social Media & Marketing Developer.






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