Can you please walk me through your resume?

by: Marie-Elise Milius

Can you please walk me through your resume?”, Gianina Chrisman, the Associate Director of Career Development at the Macaulay Honors College asked me during my interview for the Career Development Internship at Macaulay.


But what does it really mean to walk an interviewer through your resume…Let’s Break it Down!


First, why do many employers ask this question?


Employers ask, ‘Can you walk me through your resume”, to give an interviewer a moment to collect their thoughts. Not every interview is the same because candidates tend to have very different backgrounds. Your answer will help the interview to start assessing your personality to see if you will fit into their culture.


Think back to the job description of the job you are interviewing for…


Ask yourself, “How do my experiences show I am qualified for this position?”. Remember, employers hire candidates who will make their jobs easier and someone they can see themselves sitting next to each day. This is your opportunity to emphasize your strengths, accomplishments and leadership qualities in previous jobs/internships, clubs, etc. Tying in a few of the qualifications and job description to your background will help the employer determine whether you will be a useful member to the team.


Don’t feel you have to mention everything on your resume…


Employers and Hiring Managers have read your resume already, or else they wouldn’t have called you in for an interview. It is meaningful for you to pick the top experiences and other relevant information that is consistent with the job you are applying to. Your interviewer is looking to see whether you know what information is important, and what is irrelevant.


Don’t be modest…

This is your time to showcase all your experiences, skills and accomplishments to employers. They want to hear your boast about experiences. If you want the job you have to sell yourself and your work. Take the opportunity!


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