Stay on top of tasks with a Planner!

By: Marie-Elise Milius

Trying to stay organized this semester?  Working on your time-management skills?

Kick off the year with a handy planner to stay on top of all your responsibilities!

Let’s face it we all have participated in an leisurely activity when we had homework due at 11:59. We often tell ourselves, “Oh, i’ll start it later”, but “later” never comes. Avoid procrastination and start using a planner!

Planners are visual guides to help you plan out your day, week, or even months ahead. The great part of having a planner is, you are in control of when you want to complete homework, participate in extracurriculars and community service and keep up with your social life. Managing all of these events without a planner may be overwhelming, especially in college. With the use of a planner, you are able to have an overview and plan out the future, and refer back to see how much you have accomplished.

Getting used to your planner

The hard part of a planner is sticking to it. Like a New Year Resolution, people tend to stray away from using their planners a few weeks into purchasing one.

To ease yourself into the process, consider these tips:

  1. Start by writing down due dates, and the days, times and places you have committed to attending for clubs, organizations, etc.
  2. Carry around your planner with you. You are more encouraged to write events as they come when your planner is always with you.

The price of a planner/agenda is priced as low as $1.00. They come in a vast amount of colors and styles. Some have extra pages where you can jot down notes, grocery lists, and even how you have been feeling. You can purchase a planner customized to you and what you want on it to stay organized. needs. Use of colorful pens and markers bring a bland planner to life.

Still considering whether to use a planner? Check here for more information on how one will keep you organized

Happy Planning!


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