The Opportunities Fund

The opportunities fund is not simply another Macaulay perk, it’s an opportunity to explore many issues that come into play in helping you come up with the right answers for you. I used my opportunities fund for various internships, graduate exam courses and conferences, and these experiences transformed the way I feel about the world around me, about what I can accomplish and more importantly – it transformed me.” – Amal El Bakhar ’11, Hunter College

In addition to receiving an undergraduate tuition scholarship*, as a Macaulay Scholar you have the ability to apply for a grant from the Macaulay Opportunities Fund which can be applied to a wide range of programs in New York City and around the world. Supported by the generous contributions of corporations, foundations, and individual donors, these funds will enhance your academic experience and facilitate your intellectual development. You are encouraged to apply for support for multiple activities throughout your college career.  Note that approval is not automatic; each application will be judged on its merits.

*Students must meet CUNY NYS residency requirements for in-state tuition to receive the Macaulay tuition scholarship. Click here for CUNY Tuition and Fees for out-of-state students.

What Does the Opportunities Fund Grant support?

The Opportunities Fund can support experiences such as:

Study Abroad/Study Away
You may use the Opportunities Fund to complete part of your college program at an approved accredited program in another country or, in certain circumstances, in another part of the United States.

You may use the Opportunities Fund to cover the cost of an approved internship that is unpaid and for which you do not receive academic credit. The program must meet our definition of an internship.

You may use the Opportunities Fund to cover the cost of an approved research experience that is unpaid and for which you do not receive academic credit. The program must meet our definitions of research.

Important Points to Consider

  • Extended study abroad may entail substantial costs–so you should consider “banking” your funds in order to maximize your activities. Depending on the activity, you may need to apply for supplemental funding sources for certain activities, such as long-term study abroad.
  • Consider your academic goals carefully before you apply to access the Opportunities Fund. Speak with your Macaulay Advisor before you submit an application. Your Advisor will assist you in choosing your activities and writing a successful grant proposal.
  • You may apply to access the Opportunities Fund twice a year during designated Access Periods.
  • Opportunities Funds may only be used for items or activities as approved by the Opportunities Fund Committee. If you anticipate a change in the purpose of approved funds, you must contact your Macaulay Advisor and the Scholarships Coordinator ( immediately. Any funds used for items or activities not approved by the Committee must be returned, and you will be responsible for costs incurred.

For more information on the Opportunities Fund policies and procedures, visit our Opportunities Fund web page at: