As a Macaulay student, you are joining a learning community that spreads beyond New York to the world, linked by classrooms, common events, and technology. Your state-of-the-art laptop, given to you during orientation, is one of your most important connections to this community and your primary tool as a 21st-century learner. Throughout your time at Macaulay, you will create and complete projects that will require the use of your laptop. At all times, you may rely on Macaulay staff, particularly the ITFs, to support you in these projects.

Each Macaulay Scholar receives an Apple laptop computer, leased to you by the University for a period of three years. In your junior year, you will have the opportunity to purchase your laptop for $1.00.

If you withdraw or are dismissed from the Honors College, you must return the laptop to your campus Macaulay Honors Office.

For more information about your laptop, your ITF, Eportfolios, or CUNY computer usage policies, consult the Macaulay website.