November 22, 2010

Zujaja Tauqeer ’11 (Brooklyn) Wins 2011 Rhodes Scholarship

Zujaja Tauqeer of Staten Island, a senior at Macaulay Honors College at Brooklyn College, is the only scholar from a New York college chosen for the Rhodes Scholarship in 2011.

Rhodes Scholar Zujaja Tauqeer '11 of Brooklyn College

Zujaja majors in History and is in a combined degree program for a medical degree at the New York Downstate College of Medicine. Born in Pakistan, her life was disrupted as a fourth grader following her father’s arrest and vandalism directed at their family for their status as Ahmadis. They were granted asylum in the United States. Zujaja has done research in the neuroscience of autism and has written on radicalization in Pakistan. At Oxford, she will do an MPhil in the History of Medicine.

Zujaja is Macaulay's second Rhodes Scholar in its short, 10-year history. David Bauer of City College won the scholarship in 2009. Macaulay has now produced two of the five Rhodes Scholarships ever won by CUNY applicants. Click here to read more of her story.

Listen to a podcast interview with Zujaja here.

Congratulations to Zujaja!

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