November 8, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Student Support

Dear Macaulay students,

Hurricane Sandy is gone, but its effects are still felt deeply.  We are pulling together as much as we know about emergency services such as housing and financial aid, as well as volunteer activities to help those in the most devastated areas.

We will be adding more information, so please check back here for updates.

My home has been damaged by the storm. How do I apply for FEMA assistance? What else can FEMA do for me?

Where can I go for emergency financial assistance?

I am at a temporary address. How do I get my financial aid/opportunities check?

I need a place to stay!

I may not be able to attend classes or complete my courses.

What about making up missed classes?

Where can I volunteer -- or recruit other Macaulay students in my volunteer efforts?

My laptop was damaged or destroyed.

Where can I turn for counseling resources?

Have we left our something that would be helpful to you or another student?


Ann Kirschner
University Dean

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