Academic Continuity and Completion During COVID-19

With the fall 2022 semester, Macaulay will move towards reinstating the usual academic policies, while remaining sensitive and responsive to changing conditions and individual circumstances.

You should speak with your advisor about the local policies at your campus.

As you plan and move forward, keep in mind that seeing you successfully through this school year is paramount to Macaulay administration and staff. We are committed to doing what we can to help you.

If you have questions, please contact Sr. Associate Dean Ugoretz at


I—or someone in my family—is sick and I’m not able to handle school stuff.

If you or a student you know is sick, please encourage them to let their schoolwork go and focus on their health right now. The same is true if you’re helping to support a sick family member.  We know how difficult this is! We will work out the academic details with maximum flexibility and understanding when you’re well.

I was on academic support already and am concerned about losing my Macaulay status and scholarship because I can’t meet the requirements.

We take the support part of academic support very seriously.  It’s important to contact your advisor early and often.  We will always carefully weigh individual circumstances before making any decisions.

My instructor piled on additional assignments or shortened deadlines as if we’re all on vacation.

We’ve urged faculty to be flexible and accommodating, and we will continue to send them this message, but of course they own the classroom. If the workload overwhelms you, speak to your Advisor or Director to help you to prioritize.

* Who can I speak to about my situation?

Do reach out with questions. Ask your campus Advisor or Director first. You may also contact Chief Academic Officer Joseph Ugoretz ( And remember, our Wellness Center can help with managing anxieties related to this tough time.

Macaulay's COVID-19 Response

Read about the we are taking steps to ensure your safety, academic continuity, and community during COVID-19 restrictions.

Mental Health and Wellness Center

Macaulay Mental Health and Wellness Center offers the following free and confidential services.