Albert Draft

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It is I your preacher in the flesh andWe have a serious problem to address

We are huddled beneath the alter

But faith strong we shall not falter

We have all wronged in our lives before, but
be gone with that! Now we are armed with
the way to heaven.

As the end of days is approaching and
the signs are clear that lord himself is fast
approaching to clear our names.

They call us crazy, they call us fools, but in
the end it will be them and not us we who
will be maimed by the fires of hell.

We are the ones living faithfully bowing
agreeing with the words of our lord, while
the others do everything in their power to
deny others the right to worship his name.
They took away prayer from schools and
even tried to remove god from the pledge of
this fine country and claim that we are using

I say to them if we are using indoctrination,
they’re doing the same. They have songs
about physical expectations, the amputation
of civil moralities, and the imposing
limitations of our children’s education about
the wonders of Jesus Christ.

Events are unfolding as we see the signs of
our rapture is approaching. God is clearly
angry from wars to shootings to the sanctity
of life defiled across the country.

But believers heed me now. Unlike them we
have repented. Jesus arrives to let us into
his kingdom and he shall smite all who have
doubted his power. I huddle beneath this
mighty alter raise my hands and say amen.

Another day another dollarScholar by day; brawler by night

There’s always an issue we got to fight

Too poor for war too small to be seen

Yet hope is there when you look at the screen

Absolved from our crimes, we remember
our past, but always look forward cause time
moves too fast.

Times changing salvation shining,
be forced to see the world, for what it truly

We’re persecuted, executed ain’t nobody
care about us. But hold fast and stay true and
we’ll be just fine.

We live small live modest never waste or
steal, yet we’re always the villains so hey
what’s the deal. Laws changing, government
new, we’ll have a leader that will fight for
the rights of all believers.

Don’t give in to commotion, the oceans

flowing with the other potion. Just breathe

and say, yes we can.

Yes we can, yes we can, hope and change.

New leaders new crew our time is here

so Yes we can, yes we can, hope and

change. I bring my hands up high and say

Yes we can, yes we can, hope and change.


Creative Project: Fundamentalist Christian Response to Biological Threat


For my creative project I created a video response to a fictional biological attack. The video is created for fundamentalist Christians (most likely similar to those who appeared in Jesus Camp). At first I tried creating an animation, but due to the time it takes to make even a short animation I decided to do something different. I was influenced by Stroziers analysis of the seven seals of fundamentalism, and I tried to incorporate these traits into my video. Since a fundamentalist Christian leader is meant to evoke passion in their followers, I tried to make the video as emotionally intense as I could. I chose to make the video in a trailer format, using the song Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell. This song is an overused song in trailers, and I felt it was appropriate due to the religious undertones the song has.

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Creative Project Statement/Commentary

Although my research paper ended up showing that media developed for Fundamentalist Christian Children is far more complicated than my initial reaction to the pieces provided, it’s difficult not to take a first look at such work and be overwhelmed by its literary shortcomings. Continue reading

Revelation at the Schoolhouse: Danielle Gold Creative Project

The Stratemeyer Syndicate produced and sold millions of mystery books for children between the 1920’s and the 1960’s. They are best known for creating and distributing classics like Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Bobbsey Twins and The Happy Hollisters, but not every one of their creations achieved commercial success. Mary Lou arrived on the scene in the mid-60’s, long after the Girl-Detective trend had lost stream. Criticized for being too dated and too modern at the same time, the series was discontinued after the first three volumes sold less than four hundred copies combined. Due to its rarity, the books are highly valued by the modern collector. I was fortunate enough to come across a tattered copy of Revelations at the Schoolhouse while cleaning out my grandparents’ vacation home. Although its possible that I am missing parts, I have transcribed what I found to the best of my ability and uploaded it to the Internet for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

-Danielle Gold

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Zone One: A Mild Interpretation of the Zombie Apocalypse

Whiteheads’ Zone One takes a unique approach to the zombie apocalypse. The story takes place in lower Manhattan, with the uninfected building a quarantine zone to avoid the skels. The Skels in this booka re not all dangerous; some of these infected just sit around, as if stuck in a moment of their old lives. After reading the book, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the open ending and the story overall. I looked up some reviews to see what other people thought of this novel. While reading Zone One, one of my first thoughts was how disappointed the avid zombie fan would be with this book. There is hardly any action at all, and everytime we think an action scene is going to take place, Whitehead takes us back to a memory or flashback of some sort. The reviews I found on Amazon certainly helped prove my theory;

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I want to be a part of it…. Nuke York, Nuke York!

After seeing Mick Brodericks’ exhibit Nuke York, New York, I was really impressed with the amount of research that he has done on the subject. I learned that he travels around the world to collect his material, and he even resorts to ebay to look for vintage art. His dedication to the subject of obvious, and it was clear in his lecture that he was passionate about the end of the world.

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