Combined Immigration Stories

This class was designed so that students and scholars could learn about the immigration and integration experiences of the numerous immigrant groups that live in New York City. This course comes to life through these personal histories, which relate theories and readings to our real-word individual immigration and integration experiences.

On this page, you can explore our personal tales of immigration and integration. You will be able to see all of the great, diverse backgrounds and immigration experiences that characterize the members of our class, in addition to the many commonalities that unite us all as immigrants or members of immigrant families. These stories discuss the reasons for why our families had migrated to the United States and the struggles that we and our families faced with our journeys of integration into U.S. society, including finding jobs and careers, getting involved with civics and politics, and perhaps most importantly, learning a new language, i.e. English, in order to fit in with other people and the American culture. Ultimately, the obstacles we faced in the beginning of our narratives have been overcome and turn to triumph as we, much like the immigrants who had come generations earlier, become the epitome of the true New Yorker lifestyle!


Alessandra Tells the Story of Her Grandmother’s Language Dilemma

Ben Celebrates His Bar Mitzvah Fiesta

Daniel Talks About His Parents Struggling to Learn English

David Talks About His Family Sailing the High Seas in Search of a Better Life

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Jackie Tells the Story of the Ledermans Arriving in America

Jeffrey Talks About His Mother Taking a Leap of Faith

Jennafer Tells the Story of the Laneri Experience

Jon Talks About Achieving His American Dream

Konstantin Talks About His Mother’s Misadventures with a Nun

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Michael Explores How His Father, as an Unskilled Guyanese Immigrant, Moved Up the American Socioeconomic Ladder

Nastassia Talks About the Difficulty of Integration

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Nomi Unravels the Road to America

Polina Discusses Her Kindergarten Experience as an Immigrant

Sarah Explores Her Struggle with Her Cultural Identity

Sihun is Granted a Rare Second Chance: Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

Thomas Comes to a Realization About His National Identity

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Yamel Talks About Growing Up in a “Mexican” Home

Zara Discusses the Story of Two Strangers and Their Journey to Happily Ever After

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