A Visit to Cornell University


Cornell University Campus

Last weekend, I went to visit my friend who is attending Cornell University. During my stay on the campus, it was impossible not to notice the extraordinary architecture for which the university is known, such as the physical science building, and the McGraw tower, which was designed by William Henry Miller and currently serves as Cornell’s most prominent landmark. As seen in this picture, it is a highly impressive structure, and in real life, it is even more remarkable.


McGraw Tower


Cornell’s Physical Science Building

However, Cornell does not only have amazing architectural structures, but also amazing dance teams. On one of the days, my friend and I went to watch a dance show that was put up by the numerous dance teams that the university has. The dance was performed in Bailey Hall, which is also a beautiful building that was perfectly appropriate for this performance.

From the very first moment, I was really impressed with the number of people that came to see the show. No seats were left empty, and as seen in the picture below, there are MANY seats in Bailey Hall!


Bailey Hall- Outside View


Bailey Hall- Inside View

Once the show began, I was captivated by the costumes that each group of dancers had. Each set of costumes matched the theme and mood of the dance, and it was evident that much effort was put into them.

There were different types of dances performed, such as belly dancing, hip-hop, contemporary, Latin, ballroom, Indian, and tap dancing among others. The dancers were very talented, though I especially noticed a few particular dancers. These dancers were so talented to the extent that they were able to not just dance for the sake of dancing, but also to become actors and get into the character that the dance was supposed to represent.

As we have also seen in the contemporary dance show Complexions, dance is a form of art that appeals to its audience with no words, and sometimes even with no music. Body language can be so powerful that it can tell us a whole story through the portrayal of emotions and different types of movements. Undoubtedly, the dancers of Cornell were able to do just that!

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take videos, but I was able to take a few pictures, though their quality is not the best.



Belly Dancing


Belly Dancing




Indian Dancing


Salsa/Latin dancing


Latin dancing


It is needleless to say that I had really enjoyed watching this two-hour dance performance!