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please forward to everyone you know. pt 2

part 1 of please forward to everyone you know was posted on 10.14.07.

Obama responds to the smear campaign. From the chicago sun-times:

Obama said the “swiftboating” started after he announced for president and Fox News “started saying, ‘“well this guy went to schools in madrassas.’” He revealed that his campaign urged CNN to pursue the […]

credibility: its about security not character

After being weirded out by a LifeLock advertisement on TV, I did a Google search on the company and found a great article on Wired. It turns out that one of the company’s founders is suspected of identity theft and customers of a former business he ran ended up having their identity stolen. LifeLock is […]

dangerous tools

This screen shot is from Parents. The Anti-Drug. What I like most about this web site is the way it both ‘teaches’ parents what text messaging is AND it explains how this new technology can be a drug-enabling-tool for teens – our war on drugs hard at work. There are no statistics to support this […]

giuliani time: policing the internet

From the 10.09.07 Republican Primary Debate in Michigan:
MATTHEWS: OK. Lets go to the police. How would you police the Internet culturally, Mr. Mayor?
GIULIANI: Pardon me?
MATTHEWS: How would you police the Internet culturally? You know, the whole question about the stuff that’s going on, predators, that sort of thing…
GIULIANI: Sure. […]