Why is Theater important in our society today? Or is it? Have television and movies eclipsed the need for live performance? Explain your views.

Theater and live performance is pastime that has been a part of our culture for thousands of years.  Live performance is one of the many different art forms that incorporates many smaller art forms within it such as acting and speech. Different kinds of artistic expression such as these have been used for aesthetic pleasure but unfortunately, are coming to a decline.

Although the use of theater is still prolific in artistic areas such as New York, the use of theater is sadly dwindling due to advanced technology. With the introduction of internet and television, live performances are becoming obsolete. Nowadays, people would rather not take the one hour train ride to the concert hall and instead just open up Internet Explorer on their Macbook Pro’s and watch a movie or some pre-recorded show.  The doctrine of human nature says that we do whatever which is more convenient to us, hence we have all these technological devices such as the television and computers. It’s no mistake that we are currently in the “Digital Age” because of the simple things we do, from doing your homework, watching your favorite television show (The Apprentice for sure), or even reading a book. We usually do all these while looking at a computer or telephone screen with thousands of meaningless colored pixels flying around.

As the popularity of live performances decreases, the importance of these events increases.  It is a crucial part of our culture that we preserve this unique art form before technology completely takes over. In one hundred years from now, there might not be anymore Broadway shows to go to or music concerts from musicians. Theater is so important for our society today despite its waning popularity because it gives not only growth, but also character and culture to a society.  Who really wants to be a part of a uniform society with no diversity? Television and the Internet have completely revolutionized the way we conduct our lives but it is not what you do which qualifies as true art—but by the means you do it in.  Live performances can only truly be appreciated if they are viewed as beautiful works of art where performers devote themselves to fulfill our aesthetic needs right in front of us.

I am a victim myself to this widespread disease we call the “Digital Age” because I, unfortunately, have almost never attended an organized live performance at my own will. The performers dedicate themselves to us so we should acknowledge their work more. Next time we should actually spare some of our time from our busy lives to appreciate the dance performance we see as we are transferring to another train or that one person who sits at the corner of the train station with his guitar singing to make a living.  I know what it feels like to have a big crowd around you appreciating the show you just put on for them because I have been in a performers shoe and have put on a show for many people. There’s nothing like the feeling of sublimity you get either from performing or when you see something that transcends beyond anything you’ve ever seen before.





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