March 10 details! (updated!)

All my office hours and appointments are cancelled today (10 March) due to family emergency. Please feel free to e-mail to make alternative arrangements. My apologies.


Link to my 5 page thesis segment — noia

Pages for Workshop

Hi guys, my material for evaluation is up on my blog. Below is a link of the .doc file for easier reading. Thanks. 🙂

Working introduction and a bit of part III

March 3rd workshop

workshop stuff

hello everyone,

here’s part of my current draft for our workshop. look forward to input!

this is also posted on my blog.


Wordle: blog

Wordle is a web-based image generator–it takes a block of text and represents it visually. The size of each word is based on its repetition. Try it with a chunk of text from your thesis project! (This sample is from my blog.)

Introduction – Janet

Please click

Thank you for all your feedback in advance 😀

Working Introduction for Wednesday 2.24.10

Hi there,

Please click here to read my working introduction online, on my blog, or on the link below to download a printable copy.

 Working Introduction

Thanks in advance for reading and I look forward to hearing feedback on Wednesday.

Talia : )

Links for February 17

Student Material:

  • Larry
  • Lili: 12 Justice for Janitors Campaigns [note: this is an Excel file and will not be viewable on your screen — control+click or right-click to download to desktop]
  • Patrick [PowerPoint]
  • Janet [PowerPoint]

Reference Guides (from Lindsey‘s blog):

New Schedule–Please Check It

Hi everyone, the least disruptive way to deal with our cancelled day was to move Nor and Noia to March 3 and add Connie for that day’s workshop.

In light of snowmageddon

It just looks pretty outside my window, but apparently lots more is on its way and campuses are closed down. Please begin the process of commenting on Noia and Nor’s drafts during the next few days. I want to think a bit more about revising the calendar to make up for the cancellation but, in the meantime, your colleagues need to think about presentations coming up so we don’t want to lose the momentum.
Stay warm! Lee