Becky teaches children about necromancy…

All y’all remember Becky from Jesus Camp? Well here she is teaching children how to raise the dead. At one point she tells them that she can teach them to pray their dead pets back to life…

And while we’re at it, here’s a clip from The Simpsons where they spoof the “Left Behind” series with “Left Below…”

Instructions for Weekly Posts

Hi All,

Just a reminder that your posts should be up on the site by the Sunday night before the class meeting. Create a post by going to the Dashboard (via the Meta links) or by clicking “Add New” on the navigation bar at the top of the browser window (which you should see if you are logged in).

Be sure to categorize your posts with your name and the date that the assignment is due. For the first week, that will be September 6. Please also don’t forget, if time allows, to read some of the posts that the other students have posted, and comment on their reflections.

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