Value, loss, and identity apocalypse

I realize I’m terribly late on posting…I apologize, but I briefly lost my ability to manage my time, and didn’t finish reading the Albertine Notes until today…I hope some of you still have a chance to read this before class tomorrow!

When I started reading this story I was anticipating a run of the mill attempt to make an idea overly complex, and therefore presumably interesting. It was funny that Kaitlyn mentioned Inception in her post because I found that movie an prime example of just that. As I continued reading, though, I came to really enjoy the way the story was written and the way Moody is able to balance really complex and far-fetched concepts with relatable emotional reactions to the state of an all but obliterated world. Continue reading

Getting High On Albertine

“The Albertine Notes” was captivating, yet at times hard to follow. Like any nonlinear narrative, plot points get confusing because we aren’t sure what’s happening now, what’s a memory, and what’s a prophesy. I felt like I too was on Albertine. Though not as a “geek” with perfect memory, but rather a forgetter, constantly trying to remind myself that past, present, and future are one in the same, and not three separate entities as we are familiar with in the linear sense. This sort of timelessness, as we all now know, is inherently apocalyptic. Continue reading

Deconstructing Albertine Time

Rick Moody’s “The Alebrtine Notes” presents a tumultuous scenario of characters and setting. I would agree with the others that this text was rather hard to keep up with. As the plot progressed, I found myself questioning not only the obscure details of the story, but also the context of these events and how to place them relative to the rest of the events that had already occurred.
Continue reading

Time: A Pool Filled with Albertine

The Albertine Notes was a whirlwind of a story, confusing in the way that Inception was. I feel like I need to read through it a second time in order to fully understand it, however, from just one reading themes that we have been discussing all semester did clearly emerge. Continue reading