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Heat Wave & Harry Potter
| July 24, 2011 | 1:20 PM | MacBlog | Comments closed

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Ugh. NYC summers. Usually great, but man it has been WAY too hot. And of course, now that it’s finally cool enough (how sad is it when 90 is cool?) to go to the beach without being burnt to a crisp, it’s overcast and supposed to rain tomorrow!? Bummer. Read more »

Halfway done already…
| July 16, 2011 | 12:34 PM | MacBlog | Comments closed

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In honor of Harry Potter 7 Part 2 (which I saw at midnight Thursday – so awesome!), I’ll begin my post with a Dumbledore quote:

“Time is making fools of us again.”
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Long time, no post
| June 16, 2011 | 4:43 PM | MacBlog | Comments closed

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Dear Readers –

I really enjoyed getting to speak to some lovely rising high school seniors at the Macaulay open house last weekend – especially those of you from my Alma mater, Stuy, and two girls who also had insulin pumps (diabetes bonding, yay!). That was definitely a first. Best of luck, and as always, you can reach me anytime at kt.ohagan@gmail.com. Read more »

Learn to Surf/Great Ocean Road Weekend
| January 9, 2011 | 5:01 AM | Australia Today | Comments closed

This weekend Deakin University sponsored a fun trip for us study abroad students. First we got to go take a surfing lesson. Though the weather was gorgeous, the water was unfortunately flat. We did however get to paddle around on our surfboards and play some games, which was fun. And I now know how to surf, at least in theory.

We couldn’t take cameras onto the beach with us (because there was no one to watch then while we were in the water) but here’s a picture of me afterward:

After lunch, we headed to another beach, where we hung out for a few hours. It was gorgeous. Though the day cooled down a bit, I went in the water, and walked up a path that had a nice birds eye view of the beach:

I also discovered this:

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the day got cool and cloudy, and that I put on sunscreen a few times, I managed to get burned basically everywhere, including some lovely 2nd degree sunburns on my chest and back (and possibly arms?). It’s pretty painful, but I’m trying to suck it up and enjoy my time anyway. I’m guessing I’ll need about a week to heal, but since this coming week is filled with class, academic excursions to museums, and paper writing, staying inside and resting up should be no problem.

As if to boost my mood after I realized how bad my sunburn was, my group and I stumbled across this beautiful rainbow at sunset on Saturday night:

Today we spent most of the day in the bus traveling along the Great Ocean Road. It’s pretty much what it sounds like: a road that runs along the ocean. It was built by WWI vets from 1919 until it was finished about 30 years later. There are many beautiful scenic stops along the road, where we got out to take pictures:

We also got to see some Kangaroos at a distance on a golf course before we hit the Great Ocean Road.

(Yes those small things are Kangaroos).

Even cooler than the Kangaroos however, was the Koala we got to see up close and personal at the Kennett River Koala Walk! (on the Great Ocean Road). It was on one of the lowest branches of the tree, and seemed to put on a show for the group so we could get lots of great pictures. Here’s one:

I’m looking forward to our museum excursion in Melbourne tomorrow. I’m also looking forward to this awful sunburn being healed!


Beach and Bollards
| January 7, 2011 | 12:07 AM | Australia Today | Comments closed

It has finally warmed up here in Geelong, with the temperature going above 80 degrees yesterday and nearing 90 degrees today. To celebrate the warm weather, we hit the beach yesterday. It was wonderful feeling to be lying in the sand in early January.

On the way, we took lots of pictures with some strange artwork that is scattered everywhere along the waterfront here in Geelong. They are called bollards, and they supposedly tell the history of Geelong. (Check out this website and scroll down to “Bollards Trail” for more information).

Then my housemates and I went over to another house with some other students from New York, and we enjoyed some tacos, burritos, and Australian beer (James Boag’s – “Tasmania’s Finest”).

Tonight I’m going to hit the town with the girls, but we’re not going to party too hard since tomorrow we’re leaving on our Learn to Surf/Great Ocean Road weekend! Pictures and stories to come on Monday!

Cheers ☺