Your weekly readings/discussion will be published in the “Blog” section of the website.

Here’s how to post:

1. Log into Eportfolio
2. If you have several eportfolios, make sure you are on the Dashboard of “Shaping the Future of the City.”
3. On the left menubar, go to Posts > Add New
4. Give your post a title and type away!
5. CATEGORIZE: After you are finished, be sure to assign your post the appropriate category that is listed on the right. The category should correspond with the date your post is due. Please check only one category box.
6. TAG: Enter one or more tags that describes your post. Tags are another way of organizing content on the website. Whereas categories are predetermined and organized by date or event, making it easy for you to find stuff, tags are determined by you and should describe the actual content that you’ve written. For example, if you are writing about Le Corbusier, you might want to give your post the following tags: “Le Corbusier”; “Modern”; “International Style.” You may also assign your post an existing tag created by someone else (click “Choose from the most used tags…”). All posts assigned to a specific tag will be assigned its own page, accessible via the Tag Cloud on the sidebar.
7. PUBLISH: Be sure to click “Publish” to see that your post can be seen on the website.
8. To see your post as it appears on the webpage, go to the top menu bar and hover your cursor over “Blog.” Your post will appear on the corresponding date in the drop down menu.