January 30, 2011


Look here for a complete list of your current reps by school and year. If you’re interested in knowing who was on the MSC in past years, check out the list of old MSC members (coming soon!).

Want to know the chair of each committee, or the members of the different committees? Check out the page of whichever committee you’re interested in! The four standing committees: Academic Affairs, Community Service, It/Communications and Student Life each have a page under “Committees” (yes, it’s that easy!).

I. Reps by School


Cathy Huang

(Class of ’11)- mhjiayan@gmail.com

Cathy Huang is a Senior at Baruch College, majoring in Finance and minoring in Journalism and Interdisciplinary Honors Minor in NYC. She currently serves as the Chapter President of Golden Key International Honour Society and Program Advisor of Baruch College Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA). She is also a Senior Staff Writer for Ticker, Baruch’s weekly newspaper. She is interning at Goldman Sachs in the Tax Department. She is on the Academic Affairs Committee of the Macaulay Scholars Council and can be reached anytime at hjiayan@gmail.com.




Amrita Narine

(Class of ’13; Rep for ’12)- anarine08@gmail.com

Amrita Narine is a current sophomore at Baruch College under the Macaulay Honors College. She is currently majoring in Corporate communications and sociology, with a minor in New York City Interdisciplinary Studies and a passion for Italian. In the past two years, she has served as a representative and financial chair for the Macaulay Scholars Council, which is the governing body for seven CUNY campuses. Along side, she serves as the Pre-law club president, planning events pertaining to law and public policy for her fellow Macaulay students. Within her community, she has volunteered her time for Mayor Bloomberg’s We Are New York Program, in which she helped teach English to immigrants residing in New York City. Currently, she is interning in Senator Gillibrand’s Office in New York and will be spending her summer in Italy, immersing herself in the culture and language. Her goals after College are to attend law school and specialize in intellectual property law.


Sarah Hussain

(Class of ’13)- shuss228@yahoo.com

Hi guys my name is Sarah Hussain and I am a sophomore at Baruch College. My major is Finance with a minor in Economics and Interdisciplinary Skills of New York. I live in Rockland County but I was originally born and raised in Queens. My passions include reading and playing tennis. I absolutely love to read and wish I had more time for it. I am extremely hard working and dedicated. I have been a Macaulay Honors Council representative for the past two years. Last year I helped plan the Spring Picnic, which was a huge success. This year I am looking forward to co-planning Common Grounds Event. I truly enjoy being a MHC representative. In the Council I am in the Student Life Committee. I am extremely friendly and helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!





Thomas Bennici

(Class of ’12)- t_bennici@yahoo.com

Thomas Bennici is a Junior in the Macaulay Honors College at Brooklyn College majoring in Television and Radio and minoring in Journalism. This is his first year as a representative on the Macaulay Scholars Council. He is also a pioneering member of the recently established Macaulay College Council (Admissions Committee). He is a first generation Italian-American and was raised in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. Thomas has an overwhelming fascination with New York City as a multidimensional center of this wildly spinning world and as a place that nurtures the trendsetters and dreamers of the future. He is passionate about writing, music, fashion, and earning his place in the world—whatever that may be. When he’s not subway-surfing between Brooklyn College and Macaulay Honors College, you can find Thomas shopping, scouting new music, hanging out with friends, or just navigating aimlessly through the city in search for its unexplored treasures like a good coffee spot or chic vintage shop.


Kate McQuater

(Class of ’13)- kmcquater@aol.com

Kate McQuater is a 2nd Year Creative Writing Major, Spanish Minor at Macaulay Honors College’s Brooklyn campus.She hails from Oxford, Michigan and loves NYC with all her heart. She is passionate about world travel and children’s literature, and, in the year 2011, plans to be on four separate continents for various study/research trips (Europe: Spain; South America: Argentina; North America/Central America: Honduras; Antarctica: The Arctic Circle), and won’t stop there (Thanks, Macaulay!). For the past two years she has served on the Council in Student Life Committee and Academic Affairs, and currently is a member of the Olympics Committee, the Student Life Committee, Apparel Committee, and several sub-committees within Student Life. She’d be absolutely honored to be contacted at kmcquater@aol.com, or on your local Facebook page. Feel free to stop by and chat anytime!


Amy Gijsbers van Wijk

(Class of ’14)- agvanwijk@gmail.com

Picture taken by Meagan McLendon

Amy Gijsbers van Wijk is an English and Religious Studies major, minoring in Psychology (or that’s the plan for now, anyway). She grew up in Houston, Texas before migrating to Brooklyn to attend the Macaulay Honors College. She is a member of the Information Technology/Communications, Student Life, and Academic Affairs Committees within MSC. She is a vegetarian, interested in indie bookstores, and began her MSC speech for election with the line: “Last year for Halloween, I was Walt Whitman” (which was true). She wants a tattoo of an ampersand (&), enjoys staying up till odd hours of the day, discussing things, and various kinds of chocolate. She would love to be contacted at agvanwijk@gmail.com, and to answer any questions about Brooklyn College, or English & Religion any time.




Julia Dancer

(Class of ’14; Rep for ’11)- jcdancer@rocketmail.com

Julia Christine Dancer is a Macaulay at City freshman pursuing a double-major in International Studies and Spanish. Although she was born in Albany, New York, she lived in Germany from the time she was nine months old until she was ten, when her family moved back to upstate New York. She came to college in the city because she missed cultural diversity and the convenience of public transportation. Julia loves to dance, volunteer for We Are New York, and wander aimlessly through the city. She can’t wait to embark on the classes, internships, study abroad, and other amazing opportunities that the city and Macaulay have to offer.

Liz Kelman

(Class of ’13)- ekelman@gmail.com

-Sophomore at CCNY
-Global Health major (pre-med)
-Chair of Macaulay’s Sustainability Task Force
-Class of 2013 student rep to the Macaulay College Council (Curriculum Committee)
-Coordinated last year’s Spring Picnic
-Enjoys cooking, gardening, biking, activism, bright colors, tea, community service and sleeping.

Joseph Borrello

(Class of ’14)- jborrel00@optonline.net

Joe Borrello represents the class of 2014 at City College on the MSC. Along with being a member of the Student Affairs Committee, he recently served as a curator for the Seminar 1 culminating event and is again helping out as a curator for this year’s Arts Night. Along with studying mechanical engineering, Joe enjoys music and athletics and is constantly looking for opportunities to join those areas of interest. Most recently he has had the opportunity to lead a team to the semi-final round of the Kaylie Entrepreneurship and Engineering Competition being held at CCNY.



Kanika Khanna

(Class of ’13, Rep for ’12)- kanika.khanna@macaulay.cuny.edu

Meagan Derbyshire

(Class of ’13)- meagan.derbyshire@macaulay.cuny.edu

My name is Meagan Derbyshire and I am the 2013 Macaulay Scholars Council Representative to the College of Staten Island. I am on the Student Life Commission, working on the Macaulay Spring Formal specifically. At the College of Staten Island, I am studying biochemistry, french and I’m on the pre-medicine track. I also serve as a Student Government Senator at CSI and work on a number of academic commissions. Outside of the Macaulay Honors College, I enjoy working at a local hospital and rock climbing.

Jenna Jankowski

(Class of ’14)- jenna.jankowski@macaulay.cuny.edu

Jenna is a Staten Island native and is currently Undecided in her major. She is a member of the council’s IT/Communications Committee and is a member of the Macaulay Theater Group as well as a 2011 Art’s Night curator.






Amal El Bakhar

(Class of ’11)- amal.elbakhar@macaulay.cuny.edu

Anthony Ventimiglia

(Class of ’14; Rep for ’12)- antonyvent@aol.com

Anthony Ventimiglia is a freshman in the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter. Originally from Staten Island, Anthony sees enormous potential in the Macaulay Honors College and enjoys working for its student government. Currently, he is pursuing the pre-medicine track, but is also very interested in international affairs. One day he wishes to combine these interests with a career in the World Health Organization. When he is not engaged in his studying, Anthony can be found kickboxing, at a Yankee game, or hanging out with friends.

Kaitlyn O’Hagan

(Class of ’13)- kt.ohagan@gmail.com

Kaitlyn O’Hagan is a sophomore at Hunter College, majoring in History and Public Policy. This is her first year year as a representative on the Macaulay Scholars Council. She is chair of the Academic Affairs committee, and a member of the IT/Communications Committee and Student Life Committees. She is currently working on this website, planning and running the Cultural Passport Scavenger Hunt, and filling in as the Class of 2013 alternate on the College Council (Curriculum Committee).



Kwame Ocran

(Class of ’14)- kocran@hunter.cuny.edu

Kwame Ocran is a freshman at Hunter. He majors in Political Philosophy and International Relations with an interest in economic incentives in the Third World. He is one of two Freshman Senators for Hunter’s Undergraduate Student Government. He currently serves as Community Service Commissioner for the Macaulay Scholars Council and is an active member of the Pre-Law Society. Kwame enjoys to network with ad-hoc student groups to improve Hunter’s already-vibrant student community. He also enjoys theatre, art exhibits, and finding new places to visit in New York with friends.Prior to attending Hunter, Kwame graduated with high honors from Brooklyn Technical High School, where he studied Biochemistry. He is the oldest of three and the first Ghanaian-American born in his family. Kwame plans to attend law school and eventually pursue a career in politics.



Joshua George

(Class of ’14)- joshua.george@yonkers.ypschools.org



David Rand

(Class of ’14; Rep for ’11)- davidar10@yahoo.com

My name is David Rand. Although I am a freshman at Queens College, I represent the senior class in the Scholars Council. I’m on the Olympics Committee and the Academic Affairs Committee. I I grew up in Hollywood, Florida, and moved to Manhattan when I was 16. However, I now live in The Summit at Queens College. Aside from being on the MSC, I am also the Vice president of the Pre-Law Club. Currently, my major is undecided, but I’m planning on double majoring in Finance and Environmental Studies. Additionally, I plan on attending law school after I graduate.

Marianna Lamnina

(Class of ’14; Rep for ’12)- mariannalamnina@hotmail.com

Marianna is a freshman at Macaulay in Queens College majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business and Liberal Arts. She was born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan but grew up in New York. Currently she’s on the Academic Affairs Committee of the Macaulay Scholars council, as well as on the Planning Committee for Macaulay at Queens College. Marianna hopes to visit Spain, Greece, and Korea. (Thank God for the opportunities fund.) Also she’s very open to any ideas so feel free to talk to her about anything that you’d like MSC to do.



Clarissa Baquiran

(Class of ’14)- csbaquiran@gmail.com


II. Reps by Year Represented


Amy Gijsbers van Wijk (Brooklyn)- agvanwijk@gmail.com
Joseph Borrello (City)- jborrel00@optonline.net
Jenna Jankowski (CSI)- jenna.jankowski@macaulay.cuny.edu
Joshua George (Lehman)- joshua.george@yonkers.ypschools.org
Kwame Ocran (Hunter)- kocran@hunter.cuny.edu
Clarissa Baquiran (Queens)- csbaquiran@gmail.com


Sarah Hussain (Baruch)- shuss228@yahoo.com
Kate McQuater (Brooklyn)- kmcquater@aol.com
Liz Kelman(City)- ekelman@gmail.com
Meagan Derbyshire (CSI)- meagan.derbyshire@macaulay.cuny.edu
Kaitlyn O’Hagan (Hunter)- kt.ohagan@gmail.com


Amrita Narine (Baruch ’13)- anarine08@gmail.com
Kanika Khanna (CSI ’13)- kanika.khanna@macaulay.cuny.edu
Anthony Ventimiglia (Hunter ’14)- antonyvent@aol.com
Marianna Lamnina (Queens ’14)- mariannalamnina@hotmail.com
Thomas Bennici (Brooklyn ’12)- t_bennici@yahoo.com


Amal El Bakhar (Hunter)- amal.elbakhar@macaulay.cuny.edu
Julia Dancer (City ’14)- jcdancer@rocketmail.com
David Rand (Queens ’14)- davidar10@yahoo.com
Cathy Huang (Baruch)- hjiayan@gmail.com


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