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Looking Back Into the Future

by: Debbie Weng, Riya Kaushal http://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/wp-content/media-odds/Night-at-the-Museum.mp4 We looked at the colors and the techniques the artist employed in his painting. We failed to address the more formal properties to the painting, such as historical context and artist's intention, which we … Continue reading

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Number 48 Art Critique

by: Hailey Lam, Julia Duze, & Stephanie Bondietti http://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/wp-content/media-odds/Number-48-Hailey-Lam-Julia-Duze-Stephanie-Bondietti.mp4 During our conversation at the museum, we mainly analyzed what was there in the art piece. Rather than debating the presumed history, we opted to observe only the superficial aspects of … Continue reading

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The Harmony Chair

by: Evan Harris, Matthew Damiani, David Zucker, Irwin G http://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/wp-content/media-odds/Brooklyn-Museum3.mp4 In our conversations at the museum we analyzed the properties of the work and the historical background. We should have looked more into the alternate perspectives from alternate angles as … Continue reading

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Analysis of The Fatalist

by: Sierra Baksh, Katherine Chemas, Ashley Sagesse http://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/wp-content/media-odds/Analysis-of-The-Fatalist.mp4 Together as a group, we critically analyzed The Fatalist by Alejandro Guzman. We looked at each aspect of the sculpture and discussed what it reminded us of. We didn't historically analyze the … Continue reading

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An Untitled work about “Untitled”

by: Stephen Giangrande, Olivia Bridges, Zhaolin Tong, http://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/mediaarts/files/gravity_forms/9-fc3d6cae33936728c6f74429c844aef2/2015/09/Untitled-Macaulay.mp4 Our analysis is primarily formal properties. We mainly talk about what we see in the painting, and try to give a reason about why it is that way – why the colors … Continue reading

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Everlasting Waterfall

by: Christy Ng, Francisco Barros, Neha Mehta, Mariyanthie Linaris, Matthew Spataro https://s3.amazonaws.com/mediaarts/Everlasting-Waterfall.mp4 The picture was painted by Pat Steir and inspired by an actual waterfall. The colors however, do not reflect that of the kinds of waterfalls you find in … Continue reading

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Untitled by Richard Pousette-Dart

by: Jason Vayner, Clark Gentile, Karen Lau, Joseph Chiu, Aychen Halim http://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/mediaarts/files/gravity_forms/9-fc3d6cae33936728c6f74429c844aef2/2013/09/Untitled-by-Richard-Pousette-Dart.m4v The experience was well worthwhile and has taught us much about observing both art and the world around us in a different way than our conventional society tells … Continue reading

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