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Showgirl by John Carroll

by: Yeniliz Peguero, Michael Pinto, Ashley Dirzis http://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/wp-content/media-odds/Showgirl-by-John-Carroll-Ashley-Dirzis-Yeniliz-Peguero-Michael-Pinto.mp4 In this analysis we discussed a lot of the historical context of the painting as well as some of the artist's intentions. We compared this modern painting to a lot of the … Continue reading

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by: Rebekah Laguerre, Sneha Sajan, Samuel Keselman, Vinila Varghese, Melissa Chan http://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/wp-content/media-odds/Amulets.mp4 In retrospect, we should have looked at each amulet individually, and noted the details of each. In particular, we should have noted more of the specific mediums of … Continue reading

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Wolf Within (2015)

by: Jane Ng, Julia Zeng, Maria Wu Cen http://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/mediaarts/files/gravity_forms/9-fc3d6cae33936728c6f74429c844aef2/2015/09/Wolf-Within-2015-by-Faile.mp4 We focused on doing a historical analysis. Wolf Within is a social commentary piece sculpted at the height of the bull economy right before the 2009 recession. As appreciative viewers, we … Continue reading

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A Storm In the Rocky Mountains

by: Michael Englard, Matthew Rindenow, Maxwell Sternberg http://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/mediaarts/files/gravity_forms/9-fc3d6cae33936728c6f74429c844aef2/2015/09/A-Storm-In-The-Rocky-Mountains.mp4 We mainly looked at this painting through a historical analysis. We talked about the history of the Native Americans, and their struggles with Western society. We also noticed the artists use of … Continue reading

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The New One by Aaron Gilbert

by: Sam Genchikmakher Alan Shabatay Michael Gerber Angelika Pokovba Amira Fleyshmakher https://s3.amazonaws.com/mediaarts/The-New-One1.mp4 Discussing this particular painting in the Brooklyn Museum had definitely changed our perspectives regarding art. Having a group conversation really enabled us to share our experiences and points … Continue reading

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George Washington, 1796

by: Cindy Flores, Xi Ye You, Mena McCarthy, Sanam Bhandari http://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/mediaarts/files/gravity_forms/9-fc3d6cae33936728c6f74429c844aef2/2013/10/My-First-Project8.m4v This was a very enriching experience. We learned about art in an interactive way and got to learn more about our classmates at the same time. We were able … Continue reading

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