Tribulations and Triumphs in PyeongChang

Held originally in Chamonix, France in 1924, the Winter Olympics brought together five sports carried out on the snow and ice. Over the ages, it has evolved and expanded to include freestyle skiing, snowboarding and Alpine skiing. Today, the 2018 Winter Olympics held in PyeongChang County, South Korea, aims to build a “peaceful and better […]

A Conversation Between Lin-Manuel Miranda and Bill and Melinda Gates at Hunter College

On February 13, Hunter College’s Assembly Hall was packed to the brim as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates graced the stage in order to discuss the Gates’ 10th annual letter. After Jennifer Raab, Hunter College’s President, introduced Miranda, the Hunter College alumnus got the crowd warmed up to receive the stars of the […]

Deep Space 9: Diversity for the Sake of Good Storytelling

Science fiction has long been a place for philosophy buffs to play around with deep moral dilemmas and original sociopolitical theses. Valérian and Laureline rejected the ideals of masculinity. Dune and Star Wars explored religious conflicts. As for Star Trek… well, Star Trek did it all. All of these stories captured the hearts of billions. Their tales will be engraved in […]

The History of Black History Month

February is dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of African Americans. We honor a history of excellence in literature, science, art, philosophy, activism and social justice.  We commemorate those who have risen above hardships with resilience. We seek to acknowledge the unrecognized for their contributions to our societal foundation. In 1916, a Harvard doctorate […]

Black Panther: A Revolutionary Film

Marvel Studios is credited for revolutionizing the cinematic experience by acting as the first major studio to release a black superhero movie. Black Panther, directed by award-winning screenwriter Ryan Coogler, tells the story of T’Challa, the first son of the now-deceased King of the African nation, Wakanda. T’Challa, who bears the title “Black Panther,” returns to […]

Let’s Appreciate History

In celebration of Black History Month, I figured it’d be fitting to write an appreciation post about history. But, rather than focusing on specifically black history, I’m here to make a case for history as a whole.“History” gets a bad rap because of what we’re accustomed to as students (assuming like me, you’re not a […]

Lessons on Mindfulness

Finals are approaching at lightning speed, and you can’t stop thinking about those looming papers and exams. You know that soon, you’ll be frantically rushing to cram everything in while still getting just enough sleep to function. Thoughts of “I should’ve done this before” and “I have to do this, this and this in the […]

The East River: A Runner’s Journey

Sunlight streams through the windows; it seeps through the crevices and penetrates into the minds of even those who have been hibernating — more like barricading — themselves from the call of spring. But, what exactly does the call of spring entail? The call to run. The occasional runner skillfully dodging a startled pedestrian is […]

The Bias Within History

In the face of great change in this generation, many of us are beginning to question information of the past. “History repeats itself” is an infamous saying that spans across all horizons, but remains true at every core. Just as the Enlightenment during the Scientific Revolution was centered around fact-checking and deriving the legitimacy of […]

Nine Wonderful Women at Macaulay

Lisa Brundage Role at Macaulay: Director of Teaching, Learning and Technology Bio (via Macaulay’s website): In this role, she supports integration of pedagogically appropriate academic technology into Macaulay seminars and provides student and faculty support for digital project development. Lisa also oversees numerous experiential learning events at Macaulay, including co-directing the annual BioBlitz, IDEA Day, and […]