A World Beyond Our Own

For years, scientists have known that Earth is something special. Its distance from the sun allows for the perfect amount of light and heat to enter the atmosphere, giving us the perfect temperature and energy to sustain life. While the debate about the origin of said life still continues, no one can deny that Earth […]

Macaulay Takes on Madama Butterfly at Metropolitan Opera

As a part of the Macaulay Honors core curriculum, students participate in four special seminar courses that help them understand New York City through unique perspectives involving arts, the sciences, and unique trips. According to the Macaulay Honors website, these seminars “feature primary research, classroom learning and hands-on experiences that use New York City as […]

Holiday Season Kick-off Breaks Records on Online Market

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have hit historical highs, breaking the brick-and-mortar retail tradition. Instead, it has resulted in a surging online-exclusive revenue. For retail chains, this drastic switch from in-store hurdling to online searching and purchasing has led to significantly less in-store traffic. The 2017 shopping year has illustrated the “sad” and “dead” […]

Off Broadway Theatre Review: “Office Hour” Leaves Audience With Ringing Ears

Julia Cho’s Office Hour is a poignant depiction of gun control, Asian American race relations, and mental health. Shown in the Public Theatre (closing night is on December 3), the play is a response to the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting and certainly succeeds in recreating an unnerving atmosphere. The plot involves an adjunct English Professor […]