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In the third Honors College seminar, students will learn about the many facets of environmental science and technology, using New York City as a template for the issues being faced by cities around the world. Through lectures, guest speakers, readings, field trips, and independent research projects, students will examine the geology, past environmental landscapes, fauna & flora, resilience, reclamation, and future of the NYC ecosystem. By the end of this course students will be able to critically evaluate the contemporary NYC landscape as the outcome of interacting ecological processes and human decisions about urban development. Collaborative learning through team projects will culminate in presentations at an Honors College symposium at the end of the semester. Such presentations will include posters as well as web-based techniques. Projects will take an in-depth look at a region in NYC (Jamaica Bay, Newton Creek, the Brooklyn Navy Yards, the East River, the South Bronx, etc.), explore the environmental challenges it faces, and propose solutions for those challenges.

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