The Historical and Environmental Significance of Carl Schurz Park

Authors: Justin Koyithara, Ariella Levian, Maria Kamenetskaya, Linda Haviv

Linda, Masha, Ariella, Justin (photographer)


On the Upper East Side of New York City, directly over the FDR Drive, lies a surprisingly tranquil 14.9 acre public park called Carl Schurz Park. This page is dedicated to exploring how this park’s rich history contributed to its environmental development, and how this understanding of the past can be used to foster a more environmentally diverse future. Our research takes a deeper look into the history of the area that is now Carl Schurz Park, not only what it was before the redevelopment of the park in the 1970’s, but at what the area was before European settlement. We then proceed to look at the park’s current state; how it is being preserved, and its role in the community and in the environment. An understanding of the park’s past, historically and environmentally, allows us to delve into park’s future by making suggestions that are aimed at restoring some of the native species and increasing species diversity.

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