Controversy of Ridgewood Reservoir & Fall of Forest Park

Nature in Our Backyard:

Forest Park and Ridgewood Reservoir

Group Mates

Ridgewood Reservoir and Forest Park are two  crucial environmental locations that harbor some of the oldest, untouched pieces of nature. But what is so interesting in these two areas that would compel us to study them? After studying much of Ridgewood Reservoir and Forest Park’s past and present, we learn that as residents in the cozy New York City neighborhood, we are also affected by what goes on in these quieter parts of the city that never sleeps. As we gather information to try and inform our readers of these two intriguing places, we hope to also gain more respect and interest for the future of New York City parks and natural habitats.

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Joseph Han
Ke Jiang
Debbie Wong
Angela Wu


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  1. Jason Munshi-South says:

    A formal title and list of the authors is needed! A few more basic facts about the two areas, such as what neighborhoods they are located in, how big they are, etc. would be welcome!


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