Our Discoveries in Images

This is a collection of photos to document our “on the cite” discoveries and work. We visited Riverside Park by entering through the 99 street entrance, from where we explored both north, south and west. As we walked north, we encountered a soccer field as well as a dog run. As we explored south from 99 street, we found a children’s playground with a sandbox play area as well. Moving along more to the west, the landscape lost elevation and we weaved our way down to the Hudson River where we got so close that we could touch the water if we so pleased. Opposite of the river, we took note of the New Jersey shoreline and as we looked down the river we saw the many sail boats floating right along. Essentially in each direction we went there were discoveries to be made and the pictures below just document a few.

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  1. Jason Munshi-South says:

    Is there a narrative that you can provide with these pictures? They seem a little bit out of place…perhaps this section should go at the end?


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