The poem below is from Peggy Shriver’s book  The Dancers of Riverside Park and Other Poems which was published in 2001. Her book is known for her close observations of nature and her expressions of compassion. We thought the poem would serve to illustrate how the park has cultivated the artistic and creative side of individuals. Riverside Park serves as a form of inspiration and the poem itself reflects the simple, pure beauty of nature.

The Dancers of Riverside Park

by Peggy L. Shriver

The elms of Riverside

Remove their veils

In wintertime,

While we draw close

Our cloaks against

The river wind.

They dance bare-limbed

Twigs splayed like hair

Against the sky.

Deep rooted to Manhattan schist,

Their trunks thrust up

With elemental strength,

I watch in awe

these twisting giants

dance in place.

Despite the clapping wind

And my admiring eyes,

They don’t stir at all.

Like motion photographed

These mighty elms

Communicate their joy.

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  1. Jason Munshi-South says:

    Where did you find this poem, and does it have an interesting backstory?


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